Monday, 14 March 2011

Commonsense report on agriculture submitted to the UN :

A UN/Agenda21 Trojan Horse:

[Not sure why there is a Zionism symbol featured on it as as far as i know there isnt any connection or affiliation with Agenda21 and Zionism and as much as i dont mind bashing Zionism or seeing it being bashed unless i dont know what i am talking about i see featuring Zionism in this piece of art as being unnecessary and misleading]

A picture of a splendid looking Hen from the article to emphasise the need for small scale agriculture[Agroceology]/Organic farming to feed the poor and starving and everyone else.

Article :

Lets see how far this gets within the UN as they are certainly not promoting/advocating Agroceology at present or else this welcome and long overdue report would not have been needed.

Lets see wether this agricultural philosophy [if that is the right word] clashes with their Agenda21 Sustainable Development Trojan Horse because this report advocates empowering the worst off so they can become self sufficient instead of being held to ransom by GM Monsanto FILTH and it clashes with the Agenda21 population reduction program because this report projects a 9 billion worldwide population by 2050 which is an increase while Agenda21/UN want a significant population decrease by 2050.

Yes lets see how far this report gets and wether its philosophy will be re-adopted wholesale especially in the Third World as this is how it always was before the likes of Monsanto etc and corporate agriculture encroached into their lives causing untold misery and personally i would abolish GM food wholesale since it is inherently unsafe and unhealthy and its long term effects are simply not known.

In India an interesting experiment took place where non-GM and GM food was left lying around in the Jungle in various places and the rresult was that Anomals living in the jungle ate all of the non-GM food while the GM was left completely uneaten so that proves that Animals are a hell of a lot smarter than people generally are.

There is not one reason that the UN should not be promoting Agroceology on a worldwide basis yet they are not doing it so if it doesnt after the fact this report has been presented then it proves everything i say about the UN and its Agenda is correct.

Does anyone think that the likes of Monsanto are going to tolerate this ?

Can anyone present just one solid argument for not promoting Agroceology ?

Can anyone just present one solid argument that argues against Agroceology being able to increase food production and help the starving ?

I dont think so..............

But we have here a confict of interest or several on the part of the UN and its incredible and also a damining indictment on the part of the UN that there has to be a conflict of interest between saving and improving the lives of people and wildlife and the ecosystem and the planet but there you go.

Its the same idiocy that you get with Vaccines and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who seem to think that vaccines are the answer to every problem in the Third World rather than talking about having access to clean drinking water which generally prevents the spread of disease etc etc but as long as their initiatives involve the abortion of Black babies for example then thats a good thing in their mind.

A commentor on a comment section i post comments on called children born in the Third World/Africa "useless ignorant human Trash" so i attacked him/her aggressively and another used the term "Third Worlders" while being a statement of fact the intent was derogatory.

In an insane system something that is basic and commonsense becomes something radical and revolutionary.

In an insane world the sane are labelled as insane by the insane and the Moronic.

In an insane world those who simply want the truth-the whole truth-and nothing but the truth and who dare to question official versions of events are labelled as "internet nuts" and the suchlike by braindead pseudo-intellectual Moron groupthinkers and its typical that the aforementioned Groupthinkers nearly always resort to namecalling and anger when they are faced with facts that contradict their own opinion and worldview.I could really nail someone i know here and quote their comments and name them but i will resist the temptation but frankly i was appalled at his attitude but it did confirm my suspicions as being correct and its the same idiot that was looking to pick an argument when i recommended that someone who was recovering from Flu should get some vitamins and specifically Vit D.

"Not scientifically proven" apparently so lets not take something that could improve the immune system just because "It has not been scientifically proven" because taking a harmless vitamin might be bad for your health.

[You know who i am and i know who you are and frankly i think you are pathetic and you have sadly sunk so low in my estimation that there is no way out].You make me want to vomit especially the way that you claim that wanting to know the truth and calling out various criminals and much more over 9/11 is an insult to those who died on 9/11.]

I have to vomit again.

None of that was nearly as bad as that stupid POS CUNT TRoll on the same forum telling everyone that Radiation is good for you.That has been unbeaten so far and i have not anywhere else seen or heard anyone talking the same rubbish as that.Its was "Radiophobia" IIRC.

He should go over and visit Japan but in any event he is going to be irradiated anyway with fallout from Fukushima.

[I have to admit that while the situation in japan is horrendous i thought of Hiroshima and then noticed the "shima" at the end of Fukushima and then thought of FuckYouShima and laughed which was awful in a way.Gallows humor i guess and another instance of that was when the Challenger disaster happened i was watching the news in the kitchen with my Mum who commented on it so said that someone onboard should not have lit up a fag]

Thats the kind of stupidity i walked away from as i cannot tolerate it.Plus the CUNT who repeatedly labelled myself as a "Racist" online.He wouldnt do this in person because i would take his fucking head off if he did.

I like it when people know which side their bread is buttered.

Any objections to promoting Agroceology and Agroceology in practice ??

Its funny how i end up as the bad guy as usual.

Everything is weird and arse about face these days.

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