Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hard Evidence of UN corruption and Partiality:


[It transpires after writing this comment that the alleged crimes against humanity/war crimes courtesy of Gadaffi may be spurious/non existent which just might have something to do with this ruling.The alleged crimes against humanity are being used as a pretext for Humanitarian Intervention so if they are false then that makes it more likely but this is easily provable as there will be witnesses who will state that no crimes against humanity occurred but perhaps false claims are being made hoping that the fog of war will make it impossible to disprove the false claims because those that may state that the claims are false may be attempting to cover up crimes against humanity.

If the claims are genuine then they need investigating

If the claims are false there needs to be an investigation into the likes of Hilary Clinton etc etc etc and the media who may well have knowingly published disinfo.Which they do all the time anyway.

A quote from BBC journalist Rageh Omar : "I cant do my job properly" - I am unable to/restricted from being able to present a truthful and objective report on various events as my hands are tied and i have to work for a political agenda and present a spin on a particular situation because it is politically expedient for whatever reason for the BBC ]

When the UN [International Criminal Court[ICC] friendly countries] grants total immunity to the Libyan Pro-Gadaffi Mercenaries currently active in Libya from war crimes/crimes against humanity i am at a loss to explain how the UN can justify its own existence when it has so obviously failed in its remit which was to provide checks and balances and accountability against this kind of thing but thats forgetting that it is a totally criminal corrupt institution with a political/geopolitical agenda instead of itself being a peaceful Apolitical organisation.

The sanctions against arms sales is funny because if you really think there will be no arms finding their way into Libya is just laughable.There are some Fairies living in your garden as well BTW.

Its clear that the US wishes to recruit the pro-Gadaffi merceneries to assist in the placement of its chosen Western[NWO] friendly compliant regime/dictator and its color Revolution.You cant very well employ them if they are guilty of war crimes now can you ?

Of course you can.

The US wishes to recruit mercenaries from all non-ICC countries to do their dirty work by the looks of things since US foreign occupations outstrip their land based military.|The US wishes to buy up pro-Gadaffi Mercenaries.

Anyway why bother granting them immunity if no one is going to prosecute them for war crimes etc ?

Who would prosecute them anyway ?

Who gives a Fuck about crimes against humanity/war crimes anyway ?

There is nothing like preparing the foundations for a future occupation/war.

You dont even need to read between the lines anymore as its all there in black and white.

I seem to recall a few names like Tony Blair,Cheney,Rumsfeld,Cheney etc etc etc who are responsible for war crimes but that doesnt seem to have harmed any of their careers and in the case of Blair war crimes positively enhanced his career and he even manages to sell books on the back of being a traitor and a war criminal amongst other things.

Tony Blair holds book signing sessions.

A real live war criminal will sign books and autographs knowing he is immune from prosecution.

"Vanity - Definately my favourite quality"

Thats a quote from Al Pacino in Devils Advocate which i recall after watching the film about 15 times.

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