Saturday, 5 March 2011

Jabba The Hut is losing the information war:

Hilarity Clinton speaks the truth for once in her life.

Hilary is looking more and more haggard and unpleasent as the days go by and it must be the stress of it all and the stress of knowing that her days are numbered and that her agenda is running into difficulties.These people like Hilary are traitors and sellouts with no morals and are evil and its interesting how you can visibly see them transform into something unpleasent as they are thoroughly corrupted and that is reflected in their appearence.

She was an attractive woman at one point i used to think when i was younger.

You can see that its a big problem to Hilary which is why in a roundabout way Hilary admits it as she/the MSM etc dont have a monopoly on news and truth anymore and its impossible to maintain a criminal system without a monopoly on news and truth.

Asking for more cash isnt going to solve Hilaries problems as its way too late for that but the upshot of all this is it is forcing the MSM to report on and write up on more truth as that is the only way they can regain credibility.

Its because people are sick and tired of lies and spin and a controlled slanted media so instead you have to watch state owned Russia Today or the Iranian state owned Press TV to get more accurate and objective reporting which in itself is absurd as you cant get unbiased news in your own country.There is truth in the MSM but you have to sift through to find it whereas on Russia Today its consistently of a high standard and reliable.

Hilary Clinton references Al-Jazeera which was very good in the early 21st century but now it has been co-opted and is no longer reliable.

Hilary refers to Al-Jazeera for a very specific reasons because Al-Jazeera has been spreading propaganda through the Middle East and all Muslim nations as a way of stirring up and exploiting the discontent of Arabs/Muslims etc etc so thats why Hilary says Al-Jazeera is "effective" as after all Hilary is talking about Propaganda so the comment is self explanatory as Hilary would like to be able to do the exact same thing in the US as there is a lot of unrest and discontent in the US that is ripe for exploitation/manipulation given the fact there is an election coming up in 2012 and people are realising that its all a sham and much more so than in 2008.

Hilary also cleverly diverts the topic away from actual "real news" onto cultural stereotypes and trivia.I presume "real news" means truth but i may very well be mistaken.Anyway here is Hilary wanting more handouts to fund US State/Dept propaganda and she knows only too well that people are just not buying any of it anymore as in lies and propaganda.

Hilary sidesteps Truth by talking about "Real News" and then comments or implies that the MSM is dumbed down which to some extent is true but again this is avoidance because the MSM isnt generally dumbed down with trash per se but instead is misleading and untrue and biased to a very large extent while being presented as factual in a way that doesnt alienate those who choose to appeal to authority unquestionably.You can read very indepth articles that are anything but dumbed down that feature lies and spin.It has to appear credible to those who are not streetwise and to those who are unwordly about world politics.

It all amounts to trash but its not 100 percent trash by any means as you can find the odd worthwhile article if you search for it.

Politics is and propaganda and deception is exactly what Hilary is exactly what Hilary is talking about.

Once things have got this far and given the fact that the numbers of people who are not buying it anymore are growing by the day its irreversable and it will get worse for Hilary.

No going back now.

Others are suggesting that Russia Today reporting truth is a psy-op to win the confidence of viewers and will eventually start to lie and spin but i fail to see why it would be a psy-op as it would be self defeating as they would lose a very large percentage of their viewers and in any case the media is too well scrutinised for them to get away with it.

This is what Hilary really doesnt like.Hilary doesnt like being scrutinised as being heavily scrutinised is an antidote to lies and spin and its absurd to think that liars dont object to having their lies exposed when it makes lying pointless.

More humiliation in store for Hilary.........

Rupert Murdoch is aware of this problem only too well which is why Rupert Murdoch is losing revenue from newspapers like the rest of the media barons but they are too stupid to realise that truth is now what sells and eventually it will completely overtake it.

They could all turn this around if they wanted to as they do have the choice unless they are owned by those who have an interest in perpetuating the present criminal system so the problem for them is they cant have it both ways.

Ignorance is not a crime but consistently lying for personal gain should be a criminal offence.

There is more and more unfolding about what is going on in Libya by the day which is contradicting the Western MSM reporting of events in Libya when it seems very clear that it was all about creating the pretext to depose Gadaffi and turn Libya which is presently an independent sovereign state into yet another NWO Vassal state like Egypt which means expansionism and influence over a particular region which is what i talked about earlier.All they want to do is have a strong military presence/missile bases and impose no-fly zones therefore claiming the territory for themselves by default even if it means an eternal occupation with no formal transfer of ownership like in Iraq/Afghanistan and anyone who thinks troops will be coming home is very much mistaken.

Curiously Hilary doesnt encourage or support Saudi protestors at all but supporting and manipulating protestors depends on it being politically expedient.Of course the Saudi royal family are armed to the teeth with hi-tec military hardware and the more that there is for them to lose the more aggressively they will defend their interests so the Saudi protestors have their work cut out for them depending on how loyal their military and police are but its most probably something that was fueled by protests in other ME/NA nations and it probably wont get very far unless the aforementioned NWO want to incite and exploit civil/political unrest in Saudi Arabia but i doubt it as they have enough on their plate as it is but the Saudi Royal families relationship with the US [figuratively speaking] is purely business which is mutually beneficial to eacvh other.

The big question is what will happen to Gadaffi as if they want to get rid of him they will as they have the means which will create more anger and instability which is what they want.Gadaffi is not owned and controlled by the NWO so therefore Gadaffi is a problem to them.The hypocrisy of them being concerned over alleged humanitarian attrocities in Libya was totally hypocritical and the allegations largely baseless.

SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN and Hilary will complain about losing the infowar yet this is another example of themselves shooting themselves and each other in the foot.

When will they ever learn ??

Hilary doesnt ever defend the rights of Americans but thats another story entirely.

[Apparently Bill Clinton while eating out one night somewhere in NYC was overherd saying out loud while drunk that Hilary is a Bitch Dyke [or words to that effect as i dont have the exact quotes] and that Bill Clintons CIA handlers/bodyguards repeatedly cautioned Clinton along the lines of "Sir -people can hear what you are saying "]

This is alongside Bill Clinton allegedly being a spontaneous rapist alongside Al Gore.

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