Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Russian Govt welcomes Goldman Sachs :

Goldman Sachs now has a branch in Moscow and the Russian govt are setting up a 10 billion USD fund to co-invest with leading private equity firms to attract foreign investment into Russia and are being informally guided by Goldman Sachs.

That sounds like an accident waiting to happen as Goldman Sachs will be looking to invest themselves and its like taking advice from criminals and it looks like Russia is going to be financially raped by Goldman Sachs in the long term as Goldman /sachs is a criminal enterprise that is a front for the international offshore bankers who have financially raped the US so it seems like Goldman Sachs are getting in early to capitalise on the economic growth of Russia over the next 50 years as well as the other BRIC countries.

Russia becomes a host to offshore international banking parasites.

Its like inviting the Fox to move into the henhouse.

The Russians either dont know what Goldman Sachs are responsible for OR Goldman Sachs are going to be strictly controlled while in Russia or else they will face the consequences as Russians dont fuck about and Goldman Sachs employees and high ups could end up either being whacked or disappearing into Gulags never to be seen again.

Would they like some home visits by the Russian Mafia etc or hired assassins/KGB assassins ?

They know very well that the fact Russia is lawless which gives Russia any amount of plausable deniability.

It does seem a bit odd as its like Goldman Sachs saying "We want to financially rape your country and we are going to tell you how to do it yourself or assist you by doing it ourselves" as this is definately the thin end of a wedge and they will only be controlled under the present Putin regime and if the Putin regime changes and a Western friendly fifth columnist takes over then the Russians have had it as Goldman Sachs will be looking to entrench themselves into Russia just like they did in the US.

Russia will be advised by Goldman Sachs on how to make Russia more attractive to foreign investors which means they will have to reduce the price of their assets they are selling as Goldman Sachs want to maximise their investment before the Russian economy improves as they cant compete with China and SE Asia and attract foreign manufacturing investment although they could if they wanted to by not insisting they are giving part ownership of intellectual property etc in return for allowing foreign companies to invest there like the Chinese do.

Russia will have its own economic boomtime in its own time as its inevitable[Goldman Sachs wouldnt be in Russia otherwise] and the same manipulated planned implosion economic cycle will happen and the likes of Goldman Sachs will clean up and seize everything but its very early days yet as first of all they will appear to be harmless to win the confidence of the Russians as in a confidence trick.

There are also representatives from JP Morgan involved as well.

Familiarity very often leads to contempt.

"The Russian effort comes as scepticism about the rule of law, business practices and corruption remains widespread among western investors."

That doesnt seem to be a deterrent to Western Investors investing in the West so i dont see what difference it makes.Or else they are scared of losing their investment as they dont feel so safe when they arent in their own territory as Russia as russia is relatively lawless and has not been hijacked by the NWO criminals yet.........

"Russian officials plan to sell government assets at what they say will be attractive prices. "

As i was saying.........

Wikipedia article on the BRIC [Brazil Russia India China] countries :

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