Sunday, 1 June 2008

Look VERY Carefully :

Here we have 4 pictures.2 of Adolf Hitler and 2 of Angela Merkel.

Look at the 4 pictures very closely and objectivly even though you see 2 pictures of Hitler.Just look at them and look at their eyes and their look.Do you see any similarity at all ?

Yes i know one is Hitler etc but do you see a similarity apart from the obvious ?

Anything at all ?

Fair enough if you dont.

But i have to say that unfortunatly when i did the comparison i did indeed see a similarity.Its all in the eyes mostly and the general look.The eyes never lie.I have to say that i would much rather not have seen any similarity at all .I mean that partly as a disclaimer to the suggestion that you can sometimes see what you want to see or have a biased view which is why i am saying look at them together and even forget who they are while you do so.Like i say i would rather not see or recognise a similarity at all.

There is a certain amount of evidence that supports this as well.

But anyway.Angela Merkel is the EU /Reich President /Chancellor of the EU.Hitler was Reich Chancellor of Germany.I could even go as far to say Angela Merkel is Reich Chancellor of the EU and all of its member states as the title Reich Chancellor of the EU implies.

So where is this going ? Why am i making this comparison apart from the fact that my comments so far point to or allude to a certain similarity between the EU and the Third Reich ?

Why make the comparison between Angela Merkel and Adolf Hitler ?

Why indeed ?

Are you prepared ?

Sit tight we go lets do it ....

Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler !!!

You heard that correct or at least i am prepared to go along with it to a very large extent given the "evidence" i have seen but more in the smilarity between them.

Angela Merkel was born in 1954.

Angela Merkel is the product of Hitlers frozen sperm that was artificially inseminated into Eva Brauns younger sister Gretl who agreed [under who knows what amount of duress or financial incentives etc] to be the surrogate mother.

Artificial insemination was pioneered by Nazi scientists ,one in particular namely Dr Carl Clauberg who was taken out of prison after serving 7 years into Russia where the event took place as it was a joint operation between the soviets ,the US and the Vatican.

Dr.Carl clauberg was imprisoned and murdered 2 years after the event upon his return to West Germany while still in the custody of Russia/US.

And that was the end of that.

So now the biological daughter of Adolf Hitler occupies the same position of power within Germany as her father did 60-70 years ago.

So here we go again except this time Hitler doesnt need to go on the rampage and swallow up Poland or France or anywhere else because the EU unifies all nations together in the form of Treaties , legislation ,buerocracy,agreements,and endless legalities however all this information is freely available on the net including the full EU constitution /Lisbon Treaty due to be voted on anyday now in Ireland.

Please please please vote NO .Half a Billion Europeans are depending on it.Our futures depend on it.

Theres still plenty of time to overthrow it and i very strongly suggest that you all read that document in its entirity and make sure you understand it and all of its implications as its very very important.If you cant read it or understand legalities and that type of wording then either get someone that can explain legalities/implications or search the net and do some research.

Buried at the very end of the treaty in some very obscure bit of footnotes and legalities is mention of legislation permitting the use of the death sentence [extra judicial ] in some certain specific/non specific circumstances should the central government / Reich Chancellor feel it is necessary.

These are:



3:Upheavel I presume that means Domestic upheavel although domestic means within the content of Europe ? Worldwide ? Within a nation state ? although there will be no such thing as a nation state within the EU very soon as they will be abolished when the final piece of legislation is passed in 2009 sometime.Possibly a state of emergency being declared like a natural disaster could also justify a death sentence as well ?

An extra Judicial Death Sentence by the way means that the passing of that sentence does not have to have the backing of a courts decision to justify it.Its a licence to kill on the part of a government agent or peacekeeper or soldier or whatever to potentially shoot you on the spot.

There is of course always a death sentence shoot to kill policy already in place if you consider that if i ran around the town centre with a fake or real gun i could be shot by armed police but thats for exceptional circumstances only.I have yet to be aware of any country openly shooting protestors not even the US and certainly not allowing and passing legislation that will allow any government to do so.

But the legislation which exists as an addition/footnote to the existing legislation regarding the general use of the death sentence which is outlawed throughout the EU under normal or judicial circumstances.

I will save the rest for later but in the meantime everyone read the EU constitution /Lisbon Treaty .Download it and read it like your life depends on it which it *DOES*.

Start thinking.Wake up.Show some interest.Do some research.Speak out.Spread the word.Make your voice heard.You have been given the tools to do it so get on with it.Get active.

"If you tolerate this your children will be next..."

Your ancestors died fighting Tyranny.Think about this.Dont take things for granted not even the semi democracy we have at present.

Brown and Blair are Treasonous Nazi Collaborators and we all know what can happen to them.

" peterwolf, in the EU too:

"Herald Tribune - Dec, 2007 - From Ireland to Bulgaria, from Finland to Spain, detention camps have mushroomed across the European Union. They can house more than 30,000 people, there is no upper limit on detention length. They're in railroad depots, in old grain stores and recycled factories. Even on a ship anchored in Rotterdam."

"Monday, April 21, 2008
Lisbon Treaty introduces EU-wide death penalty in the case of war, riots, upheaval"

We all must do something."

I quote the above paragraph from elsewhere.Same scenario as in the US.Exactly the same.

Collectivly this government has been working to its own secret hidden agendas and has Sold us all out.

Enough for now.


I have half a mind to fuck off back to New Guinea or somewhere like that away from it all or stay here and try and do something about it all .I feel it is my duty really to do something about it.

The more of you who become aware of all this the better as its very very difficult to establish and maintain an Overt rather than Covert Dictatorship.This has been proven time and time again throughout history and in some of my favourite 2000 ad strips as well !!

So on that somewhat lighter note i end this transmission.

Listen UP though people: Why Vote for the Right ? NOT to Vote on anything else ever again ?

I was talking to my Mum about this and she is also totally against it all as well and she said "If your Grandmother was still around she would have something to say about it as well and she would most probably be appalled if she could see it all now".The thing is my Granny was a Tory who knew Edward Heath who started it all with the Common Market but she most probably would have never guessed that it would culminate in this.

I wish that she was still around to give them all a verbal assault.I am carrying on with the family tradition.

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