Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Obama = Liar :

Barak Obama was/is a Muslim .

Barak Obama is an Arab - American not an African - American as previously reported and quoted from Barak Obama himself.

Barak Obama is a Rascist

Barak Obama is not the Messiah.

Barak Obama is the Messiah

[I am just testing the water to see if i get any reaction to the above statements: I quote "A crack team of cybernauts will form a rapid response internet “war room” to track and respond aggressively to online rumours that Barack Obama is unpatriotic and a Muslim."

OOOOoooooo cant wait...

[Warning: This blog bites so they had best watch it]

In a press conference earlier in response to certain rumours and false claims that have been posted on various Blog sites , election campaigns/rallies , and not least of all among his vast legions of followers that Mr Obama is not only the Democrats favourite candidate but is indeed the Messiah .

Mr Obamas press officer / spokeswoman had this to say in response to the "rumours" earlier today : "This particular allegation/rumour is not true but is instead a very clever manipulative marketing exercise created by Mr Obamas PR company as way of ensuring a good turnout at the polling stations among certain sections of the electorate.His mother even went as far as to produce documentation that proves that he is not the Messiah.She confirmed that he was indeed concieved in the normal fashion and her pregnancy was not a miracle and she did not report any unusual phenomena during that time and i quote "Barak is not the Messiah ,he is just a very naughty boy"

"However at this critical stage of his election campaign we wish for this particular rumour to be perpetuated and propagated as much as possible on the internet or campaigns or anywhere at all ."

"Any rumours or allegations to the contrary will be dealt with aggressivly and swiftly by Mr.Obamas online cybernaut task force no matter how true the rumour / allegation may be.Mr Obama will not tolerate online smear campaigns "


"Is it true that in the next week that Mr.Obama will be outlining his key election election promises.These being :

1: Free healthcare for all no matter how poor

2 :The mass transformation of water into wine for all upon declaration of being the winner of the campaign

3:That he will indeed part the Red Sea at regular intervals to allow ease of transportation of arms and equipment to the beleaguered Israelis

4:Mass healing of the sick when the sick person meditates on a picture of Obama in return for[and *only* after] voting for Obama.

5:A promise to rid the nation of the parasitic ruling elites of Jew bankers and moneylenders and The Federal Reserve and an end to all payment of interest now or in the future

6:5000 of Mr Obamas closest and most financially generous supporters and Fundraisers will indeed be Fed on the lawn of the White House .

7:A further 4000 of Mr Obamas less fortunate supporters will too be fed in the form of Government food stamps that can be spent at any fast food outlet or Walmart store.

8:Blind and unwavering military and financial support for the Zionist state of Israel

9:Temple Tax in the Fishes mouth : A nationwide surveillance system will be set into place including listening devices , cameras , tracking devices , RFID chips , in fact a whole interweaving web of governmental control across all areas of life from the Judiciary through to the Military and all agencies and departments inbetween...."


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