Wednesday, 25 June 2008

CFL/Low Energy Lightbulbs :

Save the planet !!!! Get Your CFL lightbulbs here !!!

All lovingly crafted and handmade and assembled in a factory under oppressive conditions and extremely low pay by the Peoples Republic Of China .

I am not sure of the exact word to use but never was there a more contradictory name for a country.

The CommunoCapitalist Republic of China ?

The Capitalommunist Republic of china ?

I am not going to be poisoned by Yellow Cat and Dog Poisoners and Baby killers.

Anyway - whatever

CFL LIghtbulbs will save the planet !!!

Use CFL lightbulbs to make your home as warm and inviting as an Institution or a Petrol Station !!

Fucking things.

I hate flurescent lighting .

I use low wattage halogen lightbulbs or LED lighting.

Fuck CFL Lightbulbs.

Fuck EU Directive 654654654654654644465168989189819179

Fuck the Chinese [government].

The Chinese [government] rape the planet and then sell us their lightbulbs ?


CFL Lightbulbs contain Mercury which is not very nice.

EU directive whatever and US Democratic Legislation states:

1:To dispose of the bulb you must either:

1:Take the Lightbulb to your nearest CFL recycling point [If there is one}

2:If you are to dispose of the lightbulb at home place lightbulb in 2 plastic bags in case the CFL bulb breaks and pollutes the landfill with Mercury !!!

The Mercury within the CFL bulb is contained within the white lining of the glass part of the bulb.Since the lightbulb is made of glass and glass has an unfortunate habit of breaking then what good is it to place a lightbulb in 2 plastic bags which will tear and open due to broken glass plus the fact that using even more plastics bags is stupid.

This also proves the point that the bulbs due to their physical make up cannot be recycled.How is it safe to recycle CFL lightbulbs if they contain Mercury and will need to be De-assembled in a controlled enviroment at great cost.

Why not take the lightbulb to your nearest CFL recycling depot and let them dump them in a landfill ?

This gets worse believe it or not.

If you do break a CFL Bulb you must : [I quote]

1:Everyone leave the room and that includes pets obviously

2:Do not walk through the area [Not sure if that means after you have left the room or before or dont leave the room]

3:Evacuate the room and open a window [Before or after you have left the room ?"]

HEY !! I am getting confused here !! I am getting mixed signals !!


4:Shut off air conditioning and central heating.

5:Carefully scoop up glass fragments and powder [That contains the Mercury] with paper and cardboard !! and place them in a glass jar with a metal lid.

6:Use Duct tape or sticky tape to pick up any remaining bits of glass and powder.

[that were too small for the paper and cardboard!!]

WE are not finished yet

7:Wipe the area clean with a damp paper towel or wet wipe and place them in the
glass jar

or the plastic bag [What plastic bag ??]

8: Do not use a "Vacauam or a broom

9:CFL bulbs will cause interference with TVS Mobiles etc

More money and lucrative contracts to China Exclusivly [The model for 1 world government]

Unrecyclable poisonous CFL Bulbs ?

The fucking things are imported [= lightbulb miles] from China.

No need to seal off the area and call in a HAZ-MAT team surprisingly.

This is a US/ EU Energy policy !!!

Lightbulbs !!

I inspected the packaging to a CFL Save The Planet Lightbulb and nowhere on the packaging does it say anything about what i have posted above in the form of warnings etc unlike the US where it does.

So these Clowns draft the legislation to protect you and then neglect to print the warnings on the packaging ?

This legislation originated in the EU Parliment.

BEAm Me UP Scotty !!! Its insane down here !!

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