Monday, 16 June 2008


Late this afternoon a Black unmarked Chinook Helicopter circled my house.

It was the same as this except without the side windows IIRC.

The arc of its turn meant that some of the time it was over the beach.Apart from the circling its movements were fairly random.After a 2 or 3 minutes it was gone.

Quite an amazing looking thing as well but a little bit sinister looking .Chinooks should not be flown over built up areas like this as they are unsafe so i dont quite get what it was doing apart from wasting aviation fuel.It was a sort of Matt black and looked new.

Perhaps this is partly where all the taxpayers money is going or at lest a tiny bit of it.I guess that but its just as likely that private finance pays for these things.

I wonder where it is stationed as well.

These have been sighted over London as well over the last year or so but it makes me wonder what it was doing here.

More info when i have it.

I smell a Rat as usual.

I always do these days for one reason and another.

I dont want to put the shits up anyone but there is a Storm coming here and in the US but far far worse in the US .I am talking Politics.

They are becoming a Communist state in all but name.

We are much better off here in the UK and Europe because the EU Power Grab is not working out as planned and they are losing popularity rapidly.

The fact is they are going to Fail.

Mission aborted.

The Lisbon Treaty was the last stage in their plans.

History is being made as i type.

The masses here are waking up and becoming aware.Or should i say the silent majority here are going to start to make their voices heard and saying NO.

I am doing my bit

Are You ?

Use the Internet and become aware and tell everyone you know and anyone that you dont.

Stop watching Trash and Infotainment and educate yourselves other wise your doing nothing makes you complicit.

Its only stubborn Retards that cant see something is seriously wrong.

Hold on tight.

Its going to get rough.

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