Saturday, 14 June 2008

All aboard the Idiot Bus :

This was the Vote Yes rolling propaganda machine in Ireland that was giving out its "confused?" leaflets to members of the public in Ireland.

"confused ? "

I like their choice of wording.

Its as if to say that the electorate are stupid and "confused" and not capable of being very much else.

The bus was full of uneducated gullible teenagers who have been indoctrinated with Marxist / socialist disinfo and cannot possibly understand its implications and what it means.Its almost like exploiting children who are always used to push and promote dodgy agendas like Hitler youth and Jesus Camps.

The treaty has *NO* legitimacy as it was not voted for by the people at any time.

The EU EUROTRASH in the EU [or at least the majority] seem to conveniently forgot that an electorate even exists.

What can be going on within the Vote Yes campaigners that they are activly promoting a Yes vote which in turn means never voting again ?

What argument that they present can possibly justify Totalitarianism ?

The fact is they cant.


The only thing they can offer is to bribe them with cash and subsidies while not presenting any of the facts , using a deceitful Yes campaign to encourage the "ignorant" voter to make a totally uneducated blind vote like signing their life away [and everyone elses] or borrowing cash at 500% percent interest while having never read the smallprint.

Dishonest and Immoral and sinister.

A disgrace.

Time to set the ball rolling now to campaign and get rid of the Totalitarian Socialist EUROTRASH.

People like Gordon Brown can end up hanging upside down from Lampposts.

I have to say there are some very decent principled people within the EU parliment but they are silenced and marginalised within the ranks.There have been scenes like riots almost within the parliament about these issues but the Prole Media never reports on it.

"We need this treaty to streamline the EU and make it work better "

"We need this treaty to streamline the EU and make it work better "

"We need this treaty to streamline the EU and make it work better "

"We need this treaty to streamline the EU and make it work better "

"We need this treaty to streamline the EU and make it work better "

Thats all they say such is the nature of the Hive Mind.

Which bit of NO dont they understand ?

Its odd because they understand the meaning of the Negative when applying it to the electorate.

"27 Nation States have already said Yes to this Treaty "

No they Fucking havent.

Fucking lies and infantile spin.

It was voted in by corrupt Pro EU politicos who have been leaned on and coerced in private to push forward the EU Totalitarian agenda.

See how their Marxist Communist Nazi tendencies work ?

We dont want the Federal Socialist EU United States of Zionism thanks very much.

Kick out the EUROTRASH.

Whats wrong with the idea of 27 self governing Democratic Member states of the EU ?

Who needs or wants a centralised Totalitarian Power Structure filled with Unelected , self appointed Politicos who ride roughshod over common decency and the rule of law ?

Tell them all to Fuck OFF.

Get rid of the EU Gravy Train Riders.

Well the head was cut off the Snake yesterday so well done all you Irish .

And well done David Davies .

And to Gordon Brown.

Its not David Davies who is the farce its you you sorry excuse for an unelected Prime Minister.

Now go and run away and hide like you always do.

No Backbone.


Gordon Brown = SELL OUT.


NO means NO.

And most of all Fuck Off Angela Merkel.

Spawn of the antichrist.

WE all say NO if you discount business types who are easily bribed with cash if only they had the common decency to ask.

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