Thursday, 26 June 2008


Update: In the picture is a bottle of milkshake.Also pictured if the list of vitamins etc it contains.The drink is a nutritional supplement.

Sometime next year under Codex Alimentaris you will not be able to buy any nutritional supplements in the US unless they are perscribed by a Dr.

I believe bottled mineral water falls into this category as well.

I know its "Sick" isnt it ?

Guess why this is ?

The Pharaceuticul Drug Barons have lobbied congress in the US to reclassify Nutritional supplements as drugs that can only be prescribed by Drs and if you get them prescribed then they will cost you 10 times more than before Codex Alimentaris.

Fucking great that is.

Codex Alimentarus is also active in Norway and Germany and sooner or later worldwide if it is not stopped.

Well guess what ?

Guess who is behind CA apart from the legalised drug barons that i have mentioned already ?

The UN and the WTO and international bankers.

Its the One world government Nazis again.

What a surprise.

I will say one thing:

All these organisations are corrupt and anti life and should be abolished as soon as possible.

Fuck The UN ,Unesco,PNAC,EU,NWO,WTO,Agenda 21 and all the rest.

Its time to reclaim our planet and our lives.

"Drink up your nice healthy tap water with its cocktail of heavy metals ,traces of pharmaceutical drugs,fluoride,and whatever else"

I am not in a fluorided water area here but for how much longer ?

The only way to remove it is by Reverse Osmosis or distillation.

You can get reverse osmosis units fairly cheaply.

I dont have one but the family home always did.

It fits under the sink and you have an extra cold tap and its comes out chilled and tastes totally different and even looks clearer.l

I wish i lived next to a freshwater spring but the nearest are 2 are about 3 to 4 miles away.I would rather drink that quite honestly.

I have got access to a Well here though which has clear drinkable water.

Next to my old house in Hastings were 5 different small springs plus 3 more in Hastings.

Also Chlorine will naturally evaporate off if you fill up a bottle of water and leave the top off it in the fridge.



And dont try any of that Tin Foil Hat business.

You are not getting out of it that easily.

Its Big

Its Nasty

Its going to get you.

Just you wait.

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