Sunday, 1 June 2008

Consensus Politics ? :

Whats all this silly talk of "consensus politics" ? What does it mean and where does the "Consensus" come from ?

Damned if i know where the "Consensus" comes from as no one apart from a couple of MORI polls has bothered to ask what i think about anything let alone anyone else i know.

So What "Consensus" then ? Whos "concensus" ? What constitutes "Consensus" if the "concensus" doesnt come from the public in terms of passing legislation or even deciding future "Consensus" then what is "consensus" ?

I think i know.My definition is "consensus" that is generated from and spread by Politicians and the Proleteriat media and spin and manipulation.

So thats my definition of "Consensus Politics" any way.

"Consensus Politics" = Anti - Democratic Politics which just about sums up this government as its been doing this for 10 years now.

"Consensus" while the word has been around for a long time it has been surreptitiously adopted by The Left who like to throw the word around willy nilly as and when yet in reality if you reverse this terminology you find yourself thinking that there is a total lack of "Consensus" within the UK regarding politics or if there is i must be missing it.

The most glaring example of this Left wing use of the term "Consensus Politics" is the total denial of the electorate in this country being given an opportunity to have their say about wether they want their sovereignty and constitution abolished next year in return for a totalitarian centralised government.

"Consensus Politics" ? Fuck Off Y'All with your "Consensus Politics" .

Fucking naive ill educated morons.They lack the intellectual capacity to even talk about politics in my opinion.

"Consensus" ? Ask us a question then you will get all the fucking "Consensus" you want but probably not the "Consensus" you wanted which is why you never ask us for our "Consensus" in the first fucking place.


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