Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Alt.comics.2000ad :

Whats the point of this ?

What a waste of time.



Seems like he like to post to himself a lot.

There is no one else to talk to .

I wonder why ?

Perhaps its because no one wants to speak to a Damaged Spotty Greasy Little Retard.

I click on 1 of his posts just out of curiosity and what do i get ?

A post about a front page of the Sun about Paul Burrell saying that he slept with Diana.

Its a good job she cannot challenge this because she is dead.

What a waste of time.

Still there is no one there to insult him or his family.

That usually works.

Aggressivly insulting him seemed to work elsewhere.

Personally i think its all the Dry - Cleaning chemicals.

He looked like he was suffering from radiation sickness in the photos of him that i saw .

Well thank Fuck he hasnt created a profile of himself.

Little Fucker.

Its pretty awful as i was once accused of being Scojo because i was Trolling without realising it as i was a "Newbie".

Thats fair enough but Scojo claimed he was me once and that his fake persona that he claimed he created wasnt me all along and that i was in fact Scojo.

Or something like that but i am confused already .

If that makes any sense.

In his dreams and since he cant argue his way out of a paper bag then there is no comparison.

I dont think there is any comparison to what he looks like and what i look like either.

Thank fuck for that !!

He looks like someone i would not be happy to leave small children with.

Where is the Damned messageboard and website ?

Inconsiderate Bastards.

I think its Matt Smith on a power trip.

I really do.

Or its "technical problems ".

Who knows .

I am missing it though.

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