Tuesday, 27 May 2008

False accusations:

I was just verbally attacked in the street by a woman who lives next door to a flat i have been working on with a friend for years.

"Georgie " who lives in the next basement flat has always been alright and never a problem ever.Her flat is rented out and i know the owner.At the rear of her flat is a lightwell and i was inspecting the lightwell doing a survey etc and deciding what to do with the flat owner this afternoon.This was just now.On Saturday last i went round there to clear the drains and wash down the yard.

At no time did i or have any reason whatsoever to enter or break into anyones flat namely hers.

Its absurd.

Yet in the street just now she got very aggressive and made quite a serious allegation that i take quite seriously as its criminal.

I have been in her flat on Saturday as "there were footprints inside" on the windowsill.I just didnt know what she was on about.


She made further allegations and said "I need help " with various rude fingerpointing etc plus she would not listen.

So in the end i grew tired of her irrational behaviour and sent her packing with a polite "Fuck off then you ugly bitch"

Thats very sexist and unpleasent but my mouth went into autopilot because i was provoked into it and i dont fuck about with people.I dont like being accused of something i havent done especially if its something like that as its not much fun being accused of a being some criminal lowlife criminal who breaks into someone elses property.I am a professional and maybe i havent been very busy lately but i am still a a professional and i have access or even hold keys to someone elses property when i am working on it because i am trustworthy and i have an impeccable reputation in that way especially with women who are often nervous of tradespeople they dont know.Women trust me instantly as soon as they see me as they have said so often.

I found it quite offensive actually to the point that i had to stop her mid flow just to make her go back and say it again as i thought i was hearing things.

"Are you saying i have been in your flat ? Is that what you are saying ? What footprints ? Where ? On what windowsill ? Inside or out ?"What window ? "

"You wont let me finish what i am saying you wont this you wont that you do this to everyone "

"Just shut up and start from the beginning as you are making a serious allegation and i dont see where you are coming from .Start again .... and get your finger out of my face as i dont like being pointed at .It gets my back up...carry on..."

More garbled irrational nonsense.

She is basically a bit of a flake in my opinion and just someone who lives next door who i just say hello to and keep things civil but not anymore it seems but she did ask for it and i bite verbally .

Its not fun being accused of something you havent done as if you dont include any physical evidence or witnesses etc then you just go round and round in circles attempting to deny a negative.

A pointless waste of time.

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