Thursday, 12 June 2008


Look at all the Sheeple at the crossing waiting to cross the road...

The little red man on the lights says stop at the crossing and wait.....

Then the little Green man comes up and says cross the road.

All traffic must stop when the little green man comes up so the Sheeple can cross the road.....

Why is it then that the Sheeple still stand there waiting for something to happen when all the traffic has stopped to allow the Sheeple to cross the road ?

What are they waiting for ?

Are their Brains still processing the information ?

Can their brains process the information at all or do they need prodding with a cattle prod to make them move ?

Fair enough if they want to stand there all day.Perhaps they enjoy it or have nothing better to do ?

Perhaps they are car spotters but i dont see any of them scribbling notes into a notebook or taking pictures.

They can all please themselves but it rather misses the point of crossings.

Talking of wierd people earlier this afternoon i was loading a skip which was a wait and load which takes approx 15 minutes from beginning to end.Inevitably up pops a self important member of the public who demands that we stop all our activity and move the skip lorry so he can get through in his 4WD .

"Would you move out of the way !! Its against the law to block the road and i work for the Police !!"

"Tough shit we are loading and we are entitled to 8 - 10 minutes by law to load /unload so you are talking Shit"

Its amazing how people always talk shit.

"Go round the other way !"

So off he goes round the other way and then goes and buys his parking ticket from the ticket machine.If he works for the Police then why buy parking tickets ?

Sounds like Bullshit to me.

There is always someone trying it on.

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