Saturday, 14 June 2008

I lost 60,000 quids woth of work yesterday:

This was due to Cronyism within a property management company.

I dont give a toss as its exactly what i expected TBH.

Quite honestly until i get organised and team up with another company that i talked about earlier and start an extension of that company to do building work i dont want to do any more building work in brighton.

I do not want to deal with Mickey Mouse homeowners , property management companies , surveyors or developers or anything like that or unpleasent nasty yuppie types that you get here.

I need to start driving again to do this and potentially i dont want to stay in this cowboy town for much longer either.

Its full of chancers , cowboys , crooks , and timewasters .

I want to team up with a friend who is an architect and someone else who is multiskilled but is busy working on a Monestary until February .

We could go far together and i am totally undervalued here and wasted which is partly why i have been doing so little work for the past year.I have realised its pointless .

I am very tempted to go on the Dole for a bit and just do art until i am sorted out.

I am entitled to it more than most as my Dad paid Huge amounts of Tax into this system for years.Its a matter of principle to get some of it back.

Hpoefully a start can be made next week when i see Neil and have a chat.

What makes it worse is that i wasnt notified officially by the management company at all.I found out while having a conversation with someone who lives in the building i was going to doing the work on.

No formal notification whatsoever.

Still i was dealing with cowboys so its what i expected.

Yet i am sure they were expecting me to bribe them for the contract .


I wont comply with that.

The fact is i uncovered a scam going on within this Property management company that when exposed led to another building company going out of business , court cases , and redundancies in the company.I exposed it on behalf of someone i knew who lived in a building managed by the company in question.

I lost out when i was trying to buy an empty property that again was managed by this company and i was being fucked about by them the whole time.

I cannot say just how tempted i was to Firebomb their offices or take the guy within the company who was causing me grief to one side and have a word with him somewhere where there was no one around.

But i didnt as i dont wont to get involved with stuff like that.

I am still seriously tempted to get hold of that scrawny little shit and hang him out of an upstairs window by his ankles.

But i wont.

The fact is i shouldnt even be talking to these idiots anyway or doing that kind of work.

I want what i am worth and i wont get it in Brighton so unless something comes up that is worthwile in brighton then i have retired from building in Brighton and i refuse to do any more of it.


I will try and find out if there is any work going at the Artillery Lane project but thats running behind schedule as usual.

Goodbye Cowboy City Central.

Goodbye massed ranks of semi skilled unprofessional tradespeople.

Hello National Trust , English Heritage , The Landmark Trust etc

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