Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Gangster/Wide Boys in my front yard:

This morning there were 2 dodgy looking types in the forecourt in front of my.They drove a car in here and parked outside my house.The car was a Suburu Car that i forget the name of but was basically a toned down rally car for road use.Blacked out windows and gold rims.The car was idling with the driver in it.

One of them got out and was pacing around making a call on a mobile as people on mobiles like to do and smoking a Fag.This guy looked either Mediterranean or possibly Eastern European.Complete with suit and sunglasses.I was watching them from upstairs.This guy knocked on nextdoors front door and then mine.Next door were out and i ignored them and carried on watching their next move.

This courtyard is private property with an implied right of entry.

It is not a parking bay for Spivs to park their fucking car in with the engine idling away for several minutes while one of them struts around like a Peacock making a call.


I know gangster/pimp/Lowlife types when i see them as there is no mistaking them.

What the Fuck did they want here ?

Luckily they went very shortly after and i didnt have to ask what they wanted .

I dont think next door know them.

I didnt have to start throwing my weight around when asking them to leave.

I keep a wooden practice Samauri sword by the front door inside just in case of such an eventuality.

Besides i am enough of a Deterrent without the sword anyway.

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