Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Shatton lodge Cumbria :

After getting back to London after driving all the way back from Shatton Lodge the keys were left in the front door so we had to turn round and go back for the keys.

We got there one night and there were very strong wind blowing across from the Irish Sea and i stood and watched a very large 200 year lod Cedar tree get blown ove3r by the wind .It missed the house and the barn but took out all the power lines etc so in the morning the emergency services cut up the tree and reinstated power.

It was a very depressing sight.

It went over gradually not quickly.

Once the tree went it ruined the place completely as you could see the farm nextdoor and the view from upstars was a farmyard/not a pretty sight.

The farmers next door were deaf so you could make as much noise as you wanted.

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