Thursday, 26 June 2008


I think man made global warming/climate change is spurious in some aspects.

But i dont mind cutting down on stuff but i do not want to be policed by GreenFascists in the EU or Al Hypocrite Gore.I dont want to be totally dependant on oil and produce waste.

I am still waiting for the Facts about Climate Change.

Until there is a worldwide ban on illegal logging of old growth forests ,rainforests etc etc to stop Deforestation then i refuse to take climate change seriously.

There is a lot lot more to this than Carbon Emissions yet the EU etc are fixated with Carbon Emissions Only.

I am into preserving the enviroment and not wasting etc but as soon as government gets in on the act it all turns to shit like just about everything else they touch.

The way i see this that there has been a price increase in oil and oil products which the oil companies,governments etc achieve by slowing oil production worldwide to make up for the smaller sales because of the Carbon Police.

Most of what you pay for a gallon of petrol is taxes and not pure profit for oil companies.

80% Tax 20% oil company which includes all their costs .

Personally i am sick and tired of the parroting of Reduce carbon emissions reduce carbon emissions reduce carbon emissions .....

Al Gore is being sued in an effort to force an open debate on the matter.

I am in construction.

The construction industry mostly revolves around using Cement.

I hate Cement.

I work with old buildings and conservation of them among other things.

I use traditional materials and methods on old buildings.

An alternative to using Cement Mortar is to use Lime mortar.

Lime mortar is clean and green and is a sustainable resource.

Cement isnt.

How much energy and resources is used to make 1 brick ?

A Lot.

IF i build a house out of bricks using Cement Mortar then if the house falls down or i knock it down then the bricks cannot be used again ever.

If i use Lime mortar then if the above happens i can clean and reuse every brick.

Cement is made by large corporations.

Lime is only really a specialist material that hardly anyone uses.

Just think of the resources saved if the EU legislated to switch from Cement to Lime.

Will the EU do this ?

Course they wont because they are a bunch useless incompetent Morons.

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