Thursday, 12 June 2008

Wot no 2000ad messageboard/website ?

What the F*** are they playing at ? Its was already off all of last weekend due to a change of server and then back on and now its offline again with a specially designed apologetic web page that is somehow still linked to the 2000ad shop .

so what is going on ?

after all the recent controversy with boardmembers ,creators,and editorial /Tharg and the threat of pulling the messageboard i just cant help smelling a rat.Last time before the weekend there was at least a warning but not this time.first of all there was the Figaro page.It wasnt very interesting.Then the dedicated 2000ad page that i have never seen before and its been there for 3 -4 days now.It just makes me wonder whats going on and its a bit coincidental as i talked about it before and said that they wouldnt pull the messageboard.

So we will see but i wish they would just sort the fucker out as its annoying.

Just for the record if there is any funny business with Matt/Tharg regarding this matter then i will relinquish my readership.

Its as simple as that and i will tell them as well.

Its a bit rude and inconsiderate to pull the entire website with not so much as a bye as they leave.

I just hope that it isnt what i think it is.

I:E Editorial / Rebellion on a power trip.

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