Thursday, 12 June 2008

Media slant:

Isnt it funny how the media including the BBC are doing virtually no coverage of the EU referndum in Ireland ?

What a surprise.The only media attention that it is getting is within the Irish media or in the politics section of the BBC website.It should be on the front page not buried in the effing politics section where hardly anyone looks unless they have an interest in what passes as mainstream poiltics.

Surely something as important as this should be on the front page with a fair and balanced article showing both sides of the arguement ? Instead this hasnt happened and instead like the whole thing has been ignored in the run up to the referendum as that is when most of the debates and campaigning happens but no doubt there will be a lot of coverage of the issue after the event which rather misses the point.Instead it has been swept under the carpet out of the way where it can continue without drawing attention to itself.Best thing really isnt it ?

The rest of the media slant continues [and i cant comment on other Eu members ] when the BBC amongst others claim simply that it was a straightforward decision that was left to Government to make on their own without the views of the electorate being taken into consideration.The media or BBC dont even acknowledge that there was an electorate who would have liked a say in this matter and treat the matter as just another bit of legislation much like any other and of no particular significance whatsoever.As if to say that in other words the signing of the Lisbon Treaty by Gordon Brown and the total denial of a referendum to the UK electorate is not important and more than that is never mentioned as it was a "Political decision".

Rather harsh dont you think ?

Fair and balanced Journalism from the BBC ?

Like fuck it is.

But then the BBC do have to prioritise their news coverage in order of.....

STOP ! I think it may be better at this stage to let the BBC explain this matter for themselves so i quote this reply to an email from the BBC in response to a similar matter that was denied coverage by the Censorship at the BBC:

"Thank you for your email.

I understand you feel the BBC should be reporting on the Bilderberg meeting as you feel it is an extremely important issue.

BBC News is more than aware that a report that is of great interest to one part of our audience may be of little interest to another. The choice of which reports are included in the news has more to do with whether it is news that has just come in and needs immediate coverage, how unusual it is and how much national interest there is in the subject matter. The choicehas to be selective and no matter how carefully such decisions are made, news editors are always aware that some people may disagree with them.

You may rest assured that I do understand your concerns, however I hope this goes someway to explaining the very difficult decisions news editors have to make and why they make them. You may rest assured that your comments have been registered and brought to the attention of BBC News. Thank you for taking the time to contact us to express the strength of your views.


Ross Jubin
BBC Complaints"

Thank you BBC - Blatant - Bloody / Bullshit - Censorship

Isnt it funny that any very important issue may be of "very little interest" to anyone ?

Its for the best really as we dont want to encourage criticism or debate or most importantly Awareness.

So apart from The BBCs coverage of Gordon Browns need to detain anyone for 42 days without evidence or trial or charges as being "necessary" and the hogging of the limelight with the compromise that if you are found not guilty then you will be paid 3000 per day for the entire 42 day period .That amounts to 126,000 which is not bad actually and i wouldnt mind a bit of that myself.Just give me some pencils and drawing paper and a few books and i am anyones.I could do a lot of work in that time and get paid as well !! This may be wrong and it may be 3000 per week instead which will net you a total of 18,000 instead which is still just about acceptable.

The only thing that puts me off is prison food .No thanks.I would have to stress my need for a "special" diet of my own choosing that they would have to go out and buy specially for me.

Of course you couldnt guarantee the HM government would keep their promise and honour that agreement instead of potentially trying to stitch you up to avoid paying out money.








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