Thursday, 12 June 2008

Kemp Town Carnival cancelled ?? !!!

Each year there is a street party here that raises a lot of money for various charities plus lots of other things .Its just very enjoyable with lots of junk stalls and its very social.Plus the fact that there are loads of food stalls and barbeques etc.I love the burger barbeque that the Deli does with eat as much as you like Coleslaw and Potato salad.Last year i managed to eat 7 or 8 Burgers and all the trimmings.

This year it has been cancelled for reasons that are unknown at present.Apparently 4 shops down the road claimed that they lose money on that day and complained.

How the
Fuck can a business lose money on the busiest day of the year ?


Further to that no one knows what businesses complained as they are all either lying or they are telling the truth that they didnt complain .

But it transpires now that despite the fact that the specific businesses have chosen to remain anonymous which is very cowardly but exactly what i expect.They may have their reasons but if they are going to complain then they should say who they are as obviously they want to have their cake and eat it .

The underlying problem is that there are are one or 2 pubs in the immediate area or one in particular who attract a clientelle that mainly seems to consist of various assorted Undesirables.I know this to be fact as 3 times i have fended off drunken abusive yobs that spill out onto the street from inside the pub for a fag [Ha Ha] or a mobile phone call.You see them all outside lined up .

What has happened is their local just round the corner has been taken over by new management/owners and the whole place has had a makeover and does really good food apparently.This place used to be full of very very small time lowlife criminal types and that the cellar of the pub was a storeroom for stolen property of whatever description.I had an altercation with the landlord of this pub which thankfully was resolved before things got nasty.Always the best way in my opinion.

Anyway the clientelle from that pub have moved down the road to the Golden Cannon.Problem is the Golden Cannon take the piss and last year at the carnival they monopolised the entire area outside the pub with as many horrible plastic tables and chairs as possible and the event ended up as a beer-fest where you get all the usual "Free Festival " types that dont even live in the area.This is fact.There was a certain amount of antisocial behaviour going on like pissing in doorways and lairiness plus a certain amount of Bad Vibes.I even recognised a couple of faces and thought what are they doing here ?

Anyway it is/was supposed to be a kids/family event and adults for Locals but they are being squeezed out by all the drinking etc which is very sad really.

Just exactly what the Fuck was the golden Cannon contributing to charity on that particular day ?

Not exactly very fucking much apart from lining their own pockets plus all their horrible plastic furniture outside which totally blocked the road much to the annoyance of everyone else including myself.

The aftermath is a sea of squashed plastic glasses and vomit and piss.


Too much publicity for this event last year attracted 14,000 people believe it or not so its inevitable that things will happen but .

Its difficult but a balance needs to be found again with far less emphasis on outside drinking by pubs that just cash in and contribute Nothing.

More stalls and more foodstalls etc and less drinking.

There was next to nothing for the kids last year in terms of entertainment that i could see.

I have made my feelings pretty clear about what i think about the golden Cannon lots of times and quite honestly that pub is the worst thing that has happened to this area in recent years.

I would not drink in that pub even if drinks were free.

so its all off until next year and not forgetting the organisers of the event have got a thing or 2 to learn about this as they have handled it very badly.

Its still very sad as i was looking forward to stuffing my face with burgers from the Barby amongst other things.

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