Saturday, 14 June 2008

Kelvin McKenzie :

What a busy tumultous week it has been this week at PW central not least having a very close shave with the Forces of Darkness over in Brussels who are just champing at the bit to destroy the Sovereignty of every nation state in the EU .

Met with a definate NO followed by however many uneducated Yes Votes.

Then we had David Davies resigning on principle.

Then we had Marcus Brigstockes "Laughable" Pro Europe slot on this week.

Dont worry Marcus as well as showing off your post modern house at any given opportunity you are a clever guy and i am sure you will get a firm grasp of the problem soon enough.


"Guten Tag "

"Spaken se Deutsch ? "

"OOoh LA LA "

"Yes "We" British should just stop carping on about it and bend over and take it up the you know what ..."

Whatever you say Marcus...

Anyway a very silly boy indeed.

Then today we had the adopted son of Ronald Reagen on Neo con Fascist Zionist NeoTard talk radio host Micheal Reagen FM or whatever openly saying that anyone who questions the Fairy Tale of 911 should face a firing squad and be shot.

This abused sociopath should be locked up for inciting murder.

I wouldnt sanction killing him but i would beat him around the head with his own gun.

Micheal Reagen is a "Useful Idiot".

Micheal Reagen is a ChickenHawk.

Look it up if you dont know what that means.

Its not all about "Truthers" either.

A right wing Fatwa if you please.

Of course as is usual Trash like Micheal Reagen wouldnt want to do this themselves but he is "happy to pay for the bullet ".

This has kicked up a storm for various reasons as you will appreciate.

Its criminal.

He is all alone now and the NeoCons cant help him and he cannot retract the statement as its recorded.

Oh Dear.

Its whipping up a storm on youtube as i type.

I have commented and had fun replying to various NeoTard types over the water who have commented on it.

ITs a bit like a cat playing with a Mouse but great fun.

No doubt i had a few of them frothing at the mouth with their misdirected rage and frustration at their own retarded mental abilities and lack of vocabulary.

They deserve it though with all their hate and bigotry and mental retardation.

To quote one in particular who said "Kill all the Sand Niggers " etc etc.

Then finally we have Kelvin McKenzie who during his busy social circuit happened to hanging out at Rupert Murdochs "Place" in St.James's in London while socialising.Together they have hatched an evil scheme.

Kelvin while not being a total Buffoon has decided to Whore himself [even more] to Rupert Murdoch and stand as an opposition candidate to David Davies By Election.

All the way from "Henleh aown Themes" all the way to dirty old Hull that in case he doesnt know is somewhere up North.

Kelvin wants "More Cameras" , "More legislation" "42 days isnt enough" "I want my family to be safe" blah di blah di blah.

Hope you check under the bed each night before you go to bed as their might be a nasty terrorist/muslim of arabic descent hiding under there.

Still the sun is Anti EU but thats all i know as i dont read the gutter press so i have no idea what their politics are.

"Rupert Murdoch is good for the money" Kelvin pointed out matter of factly.

Extra Kudos to Kelvin who hangs with Rupert Murdoch.

Nothing like the smell of money to make the Lapdog dance to his masters tune is there Kelvin ?

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