Monday, 23 June 2008

Baah Baah Black Sheep :

Everyone vote for Barak Hussein OSama Obaaahma !!

He is black !!

Baaah Baaah BaaaHRak Sheep

Have you any WMDs?

Yes Sir Yes Sir 3 Baraks full.

His backers are not black though.What a surprise.His main backer is George Soros.George Soros is *the* worst piece of Liberal Trash ever.

George Soros was mainly responsible for the collapse of the UK pound in the exchange rate mechanism years ago.

George Soros is worth 8.2 billion.

George Soros is living in fear because he has a recurring dream of being shot by a "Peasent".This is why George Soros has spent millions lobbying in the US to push for gun control.

A vote for Barak Hussein Osama OBaaaahma is really a vote for George Soros as George Soros created Obaaahma.Barak OBaaahma is *owned * by George Soros.

George Soros made huge amounts of cash from selling his shares in Halliburton.

George Soros profits out of Death ,Suffering ,and Misery.

Barak Obama suffers from cognitive impairment caused by habitual Cocaine use [allegedly].

Barak Obama will not openly debate anything publiclly probably because of the above because he can barely string a sentence together without reading off a teleprompter screen.

Barak Obamas politics are duplicituous and schizophrenic.

Barak Obama has suppressed his medical records from public view.Probably because of the above.

Barak Obama will not answer allegations of cocaine use ,homosexuality and being complicit in the assasination of a gay Choirmaster in Jeremiah Wrights church in the US.

The US Media is shielding Barak Obama.

Larry Sinclair was arrested in the National Press Club by Gestapo like enforcers of Barak Obamas No Smear campaign violating the First amendment.

Where were all of Obamas Liberal Lemmings when this was going on ?

Barak OHbaaaaaMa is the head of/Messiah of a very large personality cult in the US.

The Democrats have 2 months to answer the above allegations that are backed up by substantial evidence.

Liberalism [not Libertarianism] is a mental disorder.

Liberalism is a hive mind mentality that is linked with Communism and Marxism.

The term "Liberalism" that i keep hearing is actually very misleading.

Liberalism and the politics of Liberalism when pursued aggressivly is actually Fascism .

Everything is Fascism ultimatly.

Everyone is waiting for the Michelle Obama tapes.

My God is America Fucked !!!

The only credible candidate is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the militaries choice of candidate.

Ron Paul is not *Owned".

Need i say more ?

Whats the alternative ?

A Retard vote for Senator John McChickenShit McCain ?

Bring on WW3 if he gets in.

I cant believe [I can] how Fucking shallow people are

I used to be a Liberal but i am alright Now.

Barak OBaaaaaahMa IS The Manchurian Candidate.

For the record i think Barak Osama OBaaaaahMa is totally Full Of Shit.

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