Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Beware !! White Al Quaeda !!

[youtube video]

This is ridiculous.

Mickey Mouse Propaganda.

FFAAHHX NEUWS> [apologies : I meant to say FAUX NEWS ]

"They are white ! "

"Tougher to detect ! "

"They dont look like Muslims !! "

"They dont have dark coloured skin !! "

"They're CAAHnverts !!"

"They werent born Militant !!! "

"HAve you heard about his new thing going in the UK the White Al CIA DA ? "

They look like idiots to me and they look like they are in a tent.

I wonder how much they got paid for doing this ?

Think about it.Anyone could make home made videos featuring a load of idiots comparing the size of each others rocket launchers/RPGs that look like they have visited an army surplus store plus the guaranteed winner which is the black balaclavas.They always work.I dont have an available supply of RPGs at the moment but for the purposes of the video i could make a mock RPG out of cardboard tubes etc and some green paint and that would do the job nicely.

Then just send it to MI5 and Hey Presto !!! White Al Quaeda.

As everything revolves around Intelligence , gathering of intelligence ,spying ,etc then it doesnt take a genius to work out the flaw in this system.

Its not a bad idea to [since you can do it anonymously] provide the authorities with Disinformation and waste their time.If everyone did this then the system would collapse.

Play them at their own game.

After all they bombard us with disinformation the whole time so its not a bad idea to give them a taste of some of their own.

I say this because that "white Al quaeda " video is just laughable yet if you watch it [search White Al Quaeda on Utube] and listen to the Fox News Journotards commentary and chat then its obvious to anyone [unless they have thought processing issues] that the video is a joke.

What about the words of Mike Baker ex CIA [AL CIA DA].Its unbelievable particularly when he talks about the assasination of Bhutto in Pakistan.

Its a bit dumb having someone on TV who is ex CIA considering the ongoing "National Security " issues but he is probably about as real as the "news" that they broadcast.

This has been blamed on Al CIA DA .

A lot of people think it was the government.

Personally i dont know and dont have an opinion.

According to Mike Baker "several Scotland Yard forensics experts where sent over to investigate the crime scene"

"The crime scene was extremely mucked up and was power washed down"

So if there was an extremely mucked up crime scene etc then why are they so certain that it was AL CIA DA ?

What evidence do you expect to find at an open air crime scene that has been power washed down ?

If it was an assasination and whoever was responsible for that assasination was not caught and has left the crime scene then what the hell do they expect to find ?

The only evidence is a dead body which can only tell you a certain amount.

Why were Scotland Yard forensics being flown to Pakistan to investigate a power washed crime scene ?

It sound ridiculous.

So where is the evidence that it was AL CIA DA ?

I suppose the government could knock up some more Mickey Mouse AL CIA DA tapes or videos and present them as evidence.

A bit like the White AL CIA DA video.

Its childish and the more they do this and they more they keeping increasing the propaganda then they show themselves up for what they are even more.

Its all a sCIAm.

There are 1400 white AL CIA DA throughout the UK

So Citzens :

Check all cupboards , under beds , watch for anyone you know who looks to be acting suspicously , eavesdrop on conversations [blah blah blah AL CIA DA blah blah Bombs blah blah blah explosives blah blah blah death to the western infidels blah ...] report suspicous packages - so what if it was only an empty pizza box ? its always better to be careful .

Do any of your friends have any "Radical" views ?

If so make a note of them and report them .

Radical views such as :

1: THE Bush administration are a cabal of Nazi Fascist lying self [Isreal] serving Hypocritical corrupt bunch of Cockroaches.[sorry cockroaches - no offence meant . In this climate of PC Liberalism you cant be too careful you know and i dont want to upset the Anti - Cockroach Defamation League]

2:9/11 was a false flag operation.

3:Blair brown and bush and all the rest of them are war criminals.

4:The Government are full of shit ! "

Etc etc etc you know the drill.

"No matter how trivial - Report it ! "

"There are a lotta conspircy theerist out there and therar a lotta them who just wown berleeve it wasent the gaverment wh odd this and therara lat ov theyam "

It must be the Aspartame they drink.

Apparently they want Scandinavians !

The thing is though is that the Bhutto family will not exhume the body.

Why should they ?

What would it prove anyway apart from the fact that the body is in an advanced state of decomposition by now .

It just gets more stupid by the day.

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