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Agenda 21 / Al Gore : An Inconvenient Hypocrite / A Hypocritical UnTruth/

Anyone familiar with Agenda 21 ?

[all of the things you want to know about Agenda 21 but were afraid to ask will follow shortly or at least a short summery of the things that affect you ...]

Agenda 21 is the worst thing in your life right now.

I have to say i go along with large parts of it in principle BUT the upshot of it is the US Agenda 21 map in part or rather the same thing worldwide.A UK map is not available at present but no doubt it exists.This map is the culmination of Agenda 21.I have no idea of timescale as they cant/wont give a realistic timescale of implementation.Suffice to say Agenda 21 is accelerating.

Look it up .

Its well publicised and widely documented.

Agenda 21 is the working title of the worldwide drive towards Sustainability.

Nothing wrong with sustainability you might think.

Agenda 21 :chapter 7 :Promoting Sustainable Human Settlement :

Notice the use of the term "Human Settlement".

That just goes against my grain.

It sounds like Humans being herded like Cattle into Settlements as if they are a nuisance and a problem by those [a load of Liberal Fascists] in positions of authority.

The catch to this is partly in the following subsection :

[I will keep my misanthropic views to myself as they miss the point that i am making]

7.19. Therefore all countries should, as appropriate, conduct reviews of urbanization processes and policies in order to assess the environmental impacts of growth and apply urban planning and management approaches specifically suited to the needs, resource capabilities and characteristics of their growing intermediate-sized cities. As appropriate, they should also concentrate on activities aimed at facilitating the transition from rural to urban lifestyles and settlement patterns and at promoting the development of small-scale economic activities, particularly the production of food, to support local income generation and the production of intermediate goods and services for rural hinterlands.

Sustainability and what constitutes sustainabilty is open to interpretation and is at the disgression of government peculiar to that country.

As i said i think sustainability is a good idea up to a point.Agenda 21 is a nightmarish piece of Liberal Fascism that is riddled with Newspeak terminology where from what i have read while posting this seems to place higher importance on Women and minorities along with endless beaurocracy and god knows what else.

Sustainability is good but why should i pay for someone elses sustainability ?

Thats it.

We here in the west will be *forced* to pay through extra taxes to help the poor in the third world develop sustainably.

WTF ???

A worldwide welfare state paid for by UN Tax revenue.

We will be *governed* by the UN as they have or will have supremacy over individual nation states.

New World Order conspiricy theory ? Tin foil Hat One World Government nonsense ?

I wish it was .

Here are some samples :

* Strengthening and promoting programmes for social mobilization and raising awareness of the potential of women and youth in human settlements activities;
* Facilitating coordination of the activities of women, youth, community groups and non-governmental organizations in human settlements development;
* Promoting research on women's programmes and other groups, and evaluating progress made with a view to identifying bottlenecks and needed assistance;

(e) Promoting the inclusion of integrated environmental management into general local government activities.

7.78. Both international organizations and non-governmental organizations should support the above activities by, inter alia, strengthening subregional training institutions, providing updated training materials and disseminating the results of successful human resource and capacity-building activities, programmes and projects.

7.78. Both international organizations and non-governmental organizations should support the above activities by, inter alia, strengthening subregional training institutions, providing updated training materials and disseminating the results of successful human resource and capacity-building activities, programmes and projects.


What is it fucking play school ???

I swear i am not making this Shit up.

If this is Humanity then i will be an outsider and live in the wild and take my chances that way because i am not interested in all that rubbish.

I dont have time to fuck about with projects and Activities while being Nannied to Death by the UN or the IMF or the WTO or the EU or the NWO.

The whole fucking planet is turning Socialist.

They Can All Go To Hell.

I Am Free and i mean to stay that way.

I just want a quiet life to do my thing , possibly raise a family ,and all the rest of it without all these power grabbing cockroaches trying to wreck everything and tell me how i can or cant live.

[continued from above ]

Both formal training and non-formal types of human resource development and capacity-building programmes should be combined, and use should be made of user-oriented training methods, up-to-date training materials and modern audio-visual communication systems......

.... And an InterGalactic Warp drive Facility using up to date Nucleur fusion technology and using the very latest user friendly computerised interfaces...

You need to understand what Liberalism means to see my point here.

And a fucking Newspeak Translator so i can understand WTF they are talking about.

A training method wouldnt be much fucking good if it wasnt "User oriented" would it ?

An Inconvenient Untruth :

We need sustainability to preserve the enviroment and stop Climate Change - Global Warming - whatever its called these days.

Personally i support the philosophy of Sustainability after all it cant be a good idea to trash the enviroment until there is nothing left.Its unnatural and doesnt make sense.

Having said that i am very cynical about man made global warming.

Man made global warming is highly spurious and the so called evidence that is made available is not reliable , and does not stand up to any kind of scrutiny.

A Convenient Hypocrisy:

It is heavily biased once you realise the slant of the evidence and the fact that The Green self appointed Messiah Al Gore and his hive mind followers will not enter into a debate that allows all sides of the argument to present their facts in a matter of fact way without hysteria.

This is a problem to Al Gore who has very little in the way of facts.

The word of Al gore is the word of law.

How can this be ?

This is the problem with Liberals

Do you think Al Gore turns all his lights off at home ?

Dont be stupid.

Al Gore uses 20 times more electricity than the average american family.

Hypocrite and its obvious to say that Al gore does not take the problem? seriously.

I dont take it seriously but i cut down anyway out of choice not because i have been exposed to Al Gores fraudulent Scaremongering and spin.

Climate changes all the time .Stupid Fuking morons.

I cant breathe now because every time i exhale i produce Carbon Dioxide.

True but to what detriment ?

Al Gore is being sued left right and centre because of his fraudelant fearmongering.

Al Gore has to be sued because he will not enter into a debate on the subject so the only option is to present the evidence in a court of law where it will have to stand up to scrutiny.At least that is the idea.

Taxpayers foot the bill ,lawyers get rich all because Al Gore will not debate.

LiberalTards wont debate anything.

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