Thursday, 12 June 2008

CSCS card:

I am going to apply for a CSCS card shortly.

The problem is they dont/wont recognise the fact i can run projects etc because i dont have any formal qualifications in project management etc despite the fact i am far more qualified in areas such as restoration / conservation in terms as well as normal building work in this area apart from 2 others that i work with anyway ?

I dont have a hope in hell of getting a professional position within a company or whatever because i am not educated to degree level or more so unless an employer is open minded enough to consider my experience then otherwise i am screwed.

I have been offered a position within a company to expand their business into building work as the company only does Ornamental Plasterwork exclusivly so they turn down offers of building conservation work as they dont have anyone that can do it.

Plus they are affiliated to English Heritage and have an existing client base that is continuous.

So i only end up with a blue card and no higher.


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