Wednesday, 25 June 2008

You,your water and Agenda 21 :


Almost all people receive their water either from a lake, stream, river, or well. Water wells in America's past were hand dug and often just a few feet deep. Surface water and rain kept them almost constantly filled. But the water table has been dropping for hundreds of years. Back in the 1980s, a home we rented in western NY state had a 4ft. deep hand dug well dating back to 1820. This well was unused for many years. Into the very same same well another well was drilled. The modern well is 600 ft. deep, and requires a two stage 1Hp. submersible pump to bring the water to the surface. This home was located close to a tiny town named Springwater, so-named because of the high water quality in the area even for deep wells. The above story about a deep well is a perfect example of the dramatically dropping water table, even though Springwater is far from any desert area. In the southwestern US, water wells 2,000 feet deep or more are not uncommon.

Some mid-east countries have been forced to build desalination plants to remove salt from seawater, since groundwater has become almost non-existent and insufficient to support massive population growth in some areas. But the real concern today should be about the proliferation of water wells drilled into acquifers that can't possibly support the pumping rate.

Such is the case with India, where it is claimed more than one million new wells a year are being drilled deep into the water table with almost no regulation at all [2]. Its inconceivable such growth can be supported. Personally, I question that giant number for economic reasons. India is not a rich country, and most of it's population could hardly afford the $600.00 water pumps, electricity to operate them or the cost of drilling a well. Some wells reach down to a depth of one kilometer. Its also well known that most people in India don't even earn $600.00 a year. Unless of course, the UN or IMF is subsidizing the drilling...

A hidden hazard exists which raises its ugly head from time to time, and is rarely spoken of as a result of depleting acquifers - sudden sinkholes that appear without warning that swallow up people and homes. Such events have already happened in the American west. When ground water is removed faster than it is replenished through natural means, a large underground cavern is formed. If this occurs near the surface, the ground will collapse into the empty cavern taking everything on the surface down with it. In India, it boggles the mind to image the scope and size of the acquifers they are depleting, and what may happen one day. I wonder which one of the Indian gods will get the blame for that...?


It's time to look at Agenda 21 and what it really means. It's a form of racism relating to water, land control and wealth transfer. A bold statement ? Yes, but to the point. The UN globalists do nothing to hide this. It's all about stealing from those that have, and giving to the perceived have - nots. The UN Agenda 21 plan makes Robin Hood look like an altar boy.

Thats enough of this Insanity for now.

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