Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Black Power :

I saw a clip of a member of a Black Power organisation / Church !!?? openly giving his point of view about their own bigoted opinions [not to mention the huge massive bag of chips on his shoulder] about the "problem" of the White Race and how the only real [final] solution is to wipe out the entire white race.A Black Hitler in other words.

*Astonishingly* stupid and ignorant.

Well you know what they say "If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem " and thats certainly true about this dreadlocked , mentally retarded peddler of ignorant bigoted Hate.I dare say that this opinion is not an isolated opinion either.It really is just too stupid for words but the guy looked like he was being serious but its like a comedy sketch about abject stupidity and ignorance and you can just imagine the backlash you would get from them if it was someone white saying it.

Does it not occur to these dumb ignorant retards that not everyone who is White either hates or even just dislikes or has at any time oppressed anyone who is Black or has at any any time spread hate speech about blacks or has at any time ever said one derogatory comment about anyone who is black ?

So off you fuck then then and take your Nazi/Hate speeches with you .Ignorant Pricks.Spend less time at your stupid meetings, and read books or go online and educate yourself for once in your sad life.Ignorant BirdBrains.

The sooner these idiots realise that everyone no matter what colour ,black white ,yellow,green, pink and blue or whatever that we are all equally fucked and there is no racism anymore [except in Politics in the UK but especially in the US ] then the better off we will all be.They dont realise that there is a common "Oppressor" that being Government.

We are all oppressed you fucking moron.

It's the Government stupid not the entire White race.

The problem with these people and their arguments is they are all so simple and polarised.

Those who are the oppressors in government are White .Fair enough but whats that got to do with me ? I didnt vote for them and i am oppressed as well [not for that much longer] believe it or not Mr. Oppressed Black Man .That might come as a bit of a shock tho this retard who clearly doesnt get out of the Projects very often ,if at all to even have anything that you would call a world view that stretches further than ten blocks of inner city.

I think to be fair even though i have condemned the statements they are a result of ignorance rather than an educated individual with an agenda.So in a way you can forgive them or do you punish ignorance ?

Punishing ignorance seems a bit daft but they need to be made aware of their ignorance and Hypocrisy in no uncertain terms .

Why should i be guilty by association or a skin colour ?

I am White with no Black African or any other Race mixed in as far as i know but i exist in my own category of ethnicity [blonde hair/blue eyes] blah blah i only say this because they make such a big deal about being Black but i was born in Africa and i am not bad at playing drums and running so there might be some black in there somewhere !!

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  1. Buddy, Buddy, Buddy- You ARE part of the problem simply by referring to yourself as White. How/Why? White, by legal definition (International Law) is a CLASS of people NOT caucasians in general. Look it up-you will see that THIS govt back in 1854 changed from the WiG/WIGAMOR party to the white Party, subsequently referring to themselves as white. YOU are actually considered BLACK class of people due to your propensity for war and violence. People who refer to themselves as BLACK, AFRICAN AMERICAN, COLORED,NEGRO or whatever the fuck it is this week are DUMB and dont know themselves nor their heritage/ties to 'American Soil'. what do you think the agenda 21 map is about--the return of land to 'Nature' right?? Those amongst the fallen (so-called blacks)who awake ARE NATURE, Natural and will re-aquaint themselves as ONE with nature. YES,THIS LAND BELONGS TO THEM BY BIRTHRIGHT. We actually OWE THEM 'tribute' for over 200 years-read g. wash's letter to the sultan---our tax dollars are actually (in part suppossed to go to them for use of this land....