Saturday, 29 December 2007

Another house gone:

No pictures unfortunately but the family home has been sold and it was the last day today.It was a bit like what i used to live in but only about a third of the size of the old house.Basically a large bungalow that dad extended into the roofspace to make a large room plus a bathroom but with .75 of an acre of garden which became a bit much in the end with maintenance that is constant unless you let it go to rack and ruin.You either do it yourself or have to pay someone else to do it .It just becomes a pain in the end .

Anyway bad memories in that house that i wont go into but good riddance so begins a new chapter.

We should have built another house in the land if we were mercenary enough to cut up the garden but no one got it together to do it.I didnt like the idea myself as it was just for the money but ruins the garden.

One of the good things about it was that it was near a farm shop so they used to shop there as it was just up the road.

I hope they stay in th Knutsford area as its beautiful round there.It stinks of money round there and i donyt like that aspect of it much and dont like Snooty cheshire types that are around there.I have been in pubs and eaten out in that area and these types seem to act like they are aristocracy.horrible snotty tweed /cheshire life types whose whole lives revolve around cheshire "society". Cannot stand them as they are so pretentious and affected.Then you get all the footballers and footballers wives types around flaunting their cash.Better new money than no money though i promise you i should know as i am in the no money camp at the moment what with one thing and another . Its enough to make me think of doing something illegal if there was the right opportunity and a small enough risk factor involved but i wouldnt consider it for any less than a quarter of a million at the very least.anyway its unlikely as i dont do that sort of thing as a rule but like my Dad says you need brains to be a criminal and if you get away with it then fair enough as long as you dont get caught.

I shouldnt be writing this but its all hypothetical so it doesnt mean anything so take no notice.

I used to know this guy who lived in Canada whose father died and left a lot of money behind as he was in construction.[i cant remember his name ]. The guy i knew was a bit of a lunatic who a friend of a friend [who i cant remember the name of] was hired by him to teach him self defence and martial arts.He was some sort of ex special forces martial arts type who was huge .Rob i think his name was.Anyway the guy who was left all the money was trying to start a construction business but was being ripped off left right and centre .He wanted myself and a friend to go to Canada and help set up the business and stop the people ripping him off.

A little while later he died of a heart attack so it all fell through.

He was very very highly strung and had terrible fits of rage that were bad for his health.also he was into bodybuilding and i think was taking steroids which is very stupid especially if you already have a heart condition.He wouldnt listen to us so there you go.

Rob the martial arts guy could quite literally kill someone in a second or two while unarmed and they wouldnt even know it.

Heres a story about him that i have been told over and over again.There is a russian resteraunt at 46 Beauchamp place ,South kensington called Borscht and Tears that does Russian food and its bloody excellent by the way and a bit of bit of free advertising never harmed anyone so onwards i will proceed partly because i have never seen the point in going backwards as it never gets you anywhere.You just end up somewhere previous to where you started from and that doesnt make sense to me at all .I dont have the time either.

Anyway i digress from my original point that being the story that i was telling before i digressed. [you need to focus more!]

Anyway this is well before my time but there was a dispute with rob martial arts and a friend and the resteraunt owner.I cannot remember the details but the upshot of this is the restaraunt owner being thrown through the plate glass window [g/f] or even possibly an upstairs window and landing in the middle of the street outside.

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