Sunday, 30 December 2007

rubbish tip:

I have been chatting to another local digger who is brighton born and bred and has a special interest in the site because of we know this tip was pillaged by the builders and private individuals for personal gain.Steve Homewood who i have been chatting to has spent a lot of time and money tracking down a lot of the items that were recovered just to record them and post them on a website [ gooogle brighton bottles to see]

He never got a chance to dig on the site either.I had one dig around on the site as there was hole in the fence that had been kicked in.This was a sunday morning but i was only digging in the spoil so i only found boring stuff.

The keeper of the estates within Brighton council has 3 boxes full of various items that i havent seen yet but thats good because the council have been made aware of it now.

So hopefully when i get to dig Steve can join the dig as well plus 1 - 2 others but no more.There was also an article in British Bottle Review mag recently about this tip.

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