Monday, 3 December 2007

Shining Cliff:

The 2 pictures below are of Shining cliff.This eccentric woman lived there who kept goats.I strayed in there once and was caught by the woman who knew who i was and where i lived and so mum and Dad found out and i have been constantly reminded of it ever since.

Anyway she died , the land and house were sold and now look at it.

Development. Executive Homes .Look at them all squashed in together and look at the size of the gardens as well.Oh well.They were built by that developer /new homes company that have the Labrador with the slipper hanging out of its mouth.

You downt wan tu gow walkin in them woods a noight thow i been earin theres some strange goins on up in the feeyuld boi that pond up there loike.

Dont straye from the path whatever ye do and certainly dont be goin up there on yer own loike !

i seen it with me owne oiyes loike Oiyes as broight as fire they were !

Its true oiye be tellin Ye !

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