Thursday, 29 November 2007

Damn this toothache:

This comes and goes as it is caused by wisdom teeth coming through and compressing the top front canine teeth because next to one of them is a crown that replaced a very small tooth that was knocked out in a by an adult when i was 14 or 15.Its a bit of a story but i saw that tooth fly across the room but never found it.This is the third crown and its still not right.I think an implant is the only answer.Its been a problem for years now.Once the pain was so bad that i was swallowing ibuprofen painkillers every half an hour and eating them like sweets.I dont know what perscriptions painkillers you can get now but Feminax that are

for women who get very bad PMT used to work well.

Once the pain was so bad that in its relentlessness and unremitting agony while lying in bed i actually considered killing myself to end the pain.I wouldnt have actually done that but i did think about it for a while.

Second only to childbirth apparently.

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