Friday, 14 December 2007

Why i cant work with idiots update:

I watched 2 jobs being done this week that i could have done but i lost them as the clients went for the cheaper option.I watched both jobs being done and both when finished were a disaster.One of these was overseen by someone from the council in building control/listed buildings department.The surveyor who provided the specification and methodology for the contractor to work to got it all wrong.Unfortunately its too late to correct this now as it would do more harm than good.I have an interest in this because the basement museum is based in the same building as the work that has taken place.

I mean only a fucking idiot would leave an exposed small steel beam[that shouldnt be there].Steel RSJs are made of poor quality mild steel and should not be left open to the elements especially in a salty by this time next year there will be a lovely big rust stain going down the wall.

None of these people know anything but its not the contractors fault [who doesnt know anything] as they are just doing what they are told [by the surveyor who knows nothing] and being paid to do.

The large project that i had that went tits up is another thing.A report has been made about the loss of the historical fabric of that building to English that this has been done the Development company are legally bound to reinstate what has been lost or risk facing criminal charges as what they are responsible for is a criminal offence.

I didnt write the report but provided the information contained in it based upon what i witnessed while on site.This will set the wheels in motion.

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