Friday, 7 December 2007

Come on in ! The waters fine ! or Wish you were here

Blackpool.Possibly the second worst place i have ever been to ever.Just look at that water. "Yes its water Jim but not as we know it " "Scan for lifeforms : no lifeforms present except for micro organisms feeding off the sewage ".

It looks like oil and water mixed together.

I spent possibly the worst weekend of my life in blackpool.Abysmal.All i could do was pour money into arcade games in an effort to kill time.

Shops full of tack and shops selling "Evening wear" for people who like that sort of thing or at least what falls under that description in shops in Blackpool."All that glitters is not gold " says the cliche.Not in Blackpool anyway as its usually plastic.The epicentre of bad taste.

I was pissed off that i didnt see any Donkeys on the beach either.

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