Friday, 21 December 2007


Take a look at the Xmas scenes above>

The first picture is of a Xmas Market in Luxembourg .Not the most happening place by a long shot almost a bit boring as some places are in Europe.This is typical of what you will find in most towns in Europe.You havent lived until you have seen one of those but those in Germany ,Austria,Switzerland etc are the best.

The second and third picture is of Brighton at Xmas time .Look at all those lights !! dont they look wonderful !

So sorry i dont have a picture of Churchill Sq and the row of garden sheds [half a dozen in total ] that are obviously meant to recreate the magical atmoshere of a European xmas market.They even sell authentic german Bratvurst sausage.But just look at those lights in those pictures.Thats the best that the shopkeepers and council combined can manage.Its just sad and pitiful.Mind you the shopkeepers probably cant afford it as they are already paying extortionate business rates but at the same time they all want you to spend money shopping there but there is just no Xmas magic in Brighton.

Again i dont have a picture but the lights that have been put up across the street in North Street are just terrible.These are the kind that are designed with the outline of a sleigh etc with Santa hanging on at the side.Quite honestly they look like something you would see on an estate or for sale in Woolworths or in a fucking pound shop.They look like cheap nasty plastic cheap crap.Fucking terrible.

Whats more we dont even get a Xmas market.At least not one i know about.The council or someone could have organised this and filled up New Road by the Theatre Royal with a market.Fucking useless load of poxy miserable Cunts.

I am tempted to go up to London just for the day to get lost in the crowds in the West End like Regents Street and New Bond Sreet just to see the lights etc and go in places like Selfridges just to soak up the atmoshere of mad consumerism like you get in America and get away from this sad miserable spectacle here that has no XMas spirit whatsoever.

And the Church has put up a miserable stunted little Xmas tree with horrible coloured lights on it.Rubbish.

Bah Bloody Humbug !

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