Saturday, 29 December 2007

Should i ?/Shouldnt I ?

I was out walking once and perchance i came across a delightful english pastoral scene and within i found many many Magic Mushrooms of which i gathered 50.I have preserved them in honey but dont know when to take them .you can only take them when the time is right to take them.I cant consider taking them until i have everything under control and not before.50 isnt enough for a full trip but i always prefer a smaller dose to get an amazing inspired high but not too many to go too far.I have never ever had a bad trip in my life ever out of the dozen times i have tripped.I started young at 15 with my first and every so often since.It hasnt done me any harm at all as i have always been very moderate with any drug taking i do.

Apart from that quite large dose of Ecstacy that i had earlier this year having never previously touched it before.I didnt know it was ecstacy either or at least only partly ecstacy.It was just white powder so i thiought to hell with it just take it anyway.I found it while clearing upp the aftermath of a party here and i thought the worst that would happen was a few hours of just feeling spaced out as i had been up all night.

nothing much happened at first but little was i to know that i was to live with the effects of that decision for over 2 months ! honestly i was left feeling slightly detached from reality for about 9 weeks.I was sort of slightly detached from reality and feeling on a high,also everything had a slightly odd psychedelic aspect to it that wasnt there before plus a lot of positive emotional type symptoms that are associated with Ecstacy.

It took a while to wear off and i can still slightly feel it sometimes and in some ways i am not the same as i was before but not in a negative way.curiously no depression afterwards either .I think other factors were involved as well and i could describe the whole thing as being like what some mistakenly call a religous experience except without the religion so spiritual instead.

I was incapable of working TBH and so istayed at home a lot and had the sudden urge to start drawing which i never had done before and discovered a new talent or a talent that i have never bothered with ever before.Or comic art/illustration anyway.It was partly triggered by the 2000ad messageboard,The death of my fave 2000ad artist Massimo Belardinelli and an art competition.

It seemed now i would never get to ask for a commission but i loved his work so much [amongst others as well] so i thought fuck it why not try it for myself and see what happens.I will elaborate on 2000ad artwork /Belardinelli later but it worked out as well as can be expected for a novice and i have been at it ever since and have made considerable progress of which i will post shortly including 2 pieces done over the last 3 days.One was done to mark my 40th and is the best piece yet.The day was a non event but i have something to show for it anyway.

I dont like drawing people or anything that is contemporary / man made and i prefer other/alternate worlds/beings and wildlife so that rules out a lot of things for now.

So it was a life changing experience but not one i will do again as i shant touch ecstacy again.

Once here i had some magic mushrooms and was on the way home.It was a full moon and i walked past a Chippy that had a large plate glass window.Inside was a dog of nondescript description and the second it saw me went absolutely ferociously bananas.I have never seen anything like it before.At one point i thought the dog was going to jump through the window.It was like it was possessed so i watched for a bit and left.There was something about me that triggered that reaction.It was either tuning into me or something to do with the full moon.

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