Monday, 3 December 2007

Someone is staying:

A friend has asked to stay because apparently someone is after them and knows where he lives.I wont give anything away as i dont know the full picture but from what i gather it involves someone who works as door security at Nightclubs.Now Door Security people are have their own little community and all know each other and to get to the point are an absolute load of Morons.There may be good ones at proper nightclubs and some good ones around.I suppose it depends where you are at.

This particular person has made threats and knows my friends mobile no.So he doesnt want to go home and is genuinly concerned and a little bit worried about it.I said if anything happens then i must be told about it but i dont think anything will and its all hot air.You cant be sure though.There is a whole gang of them apparently as i said before they all work together and know each other and socialise together.

Send them all here if you like !

We will see but this stay could go on for sometime [weeks] but the couch trip is being staggered between others as well.

He literally doesnt want to go home and was talking in the worst case scenario that he would have to move and just has a bag of clothes.

If this person who is after my friend turns out to be a problem then something may or will have to be done about it to put a stop to it.

Chickenfeed cowardly thuggish bullying gorilla Door Security. pppfffff !

They arent usually that articulate either :"You int comin in ! You int coming in you got jeans on and trainers ! Right i am going to ask you to leave ! Yer Barred ! and thats about it really. Thickies.

Whats it to be ? Breakfast , Lunch , or Dinner ? Them i mean . Odds are they will be Breakfast.They usually are.

Pathetic Idiots ! Hardly worth the effort involved dispatching them ! !

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