Friday, 23 November 2007

A house that isnt there any more.

Absolute centre of the picture is the site of a large derelict victorian mansion that i used to go into when i was about 12 or 13.You used to be able to see this place when you were at the other side of the woods at a high point.It was open and mostly smashed up and vandalised as these places so often are.It must have been used as some sort of hospital or institution as most of the rooms were full of old fashioned iron beds.On the staircase there was a huge stained glass window that almost totally destroyed.In the basement there were lots of rooms all full of all sorts of old stuff and i always regret not having a better look at it all.A bit of a creepy place really and there was a large colony of white pigeons that had made their home there.The best bit of all was the old smashed up piano that you play like a Harp, with the sound of the strings echoing through the house.

Not long after that it was knocked down and 6 houses built in the grounds which you now see in the picture.

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