Friday, 21 December 2007


I just called up someone i know to see what they were doing at Xmas since i am stuck here and i know they are all as well so i thought lets meet up.

This "friend" is an older woman i know who i had a platonic relationship based on ...Guess what.....Peter pays for *all* of the drink and just about everything else ,"Peter please lend me a tenner,i am stuck till friday" etc etc on countless occasions,who provided a shoulder to cry on and counselling on countless occasions, and lots of other things.

Anyway i called her this afternoon and before i could say anything i got this: "I cant talk right now as i am busy and there is a mad woman with a Dog round and now is not the best time [it never is unless she wants something] and i am busy at Xmas so i will see you in the new year".

And then hung up ......

Oh No You Will Not.

I am terminating the friendship? this evening by posting her a letter through the door or more likely just blank her from now on.

Some People, i never will understand them.

I seem to attract friends who just take take take.

One small problem:

Dont ask but she has some things that belong to me that i loaned them to her as she liked them so much.She used to come round here and see something like a pair of silver candlesticks and borrow them for an unspecified period of time.I was an idiot lending them to her in the first place not to mention the pile of DVDS that i lent her.

Now i want all these things back so i will make an arrangement to collect and reclaim these items at some point in the very near future.I hope this goes smoothly as i am sure it will because when i ask for something back thats what i want and nothing less.I will kick her door in 2 seconds flat and reclaim them myself if she plays games with me.I will do that without a seconds hesitation because i am like that and i dont care about consequences in those situations.

Then theres the 50 quid she owes me but i doubt i will see that again,and before i forget i had better add on the 5 quid that i generously gave her to get a Taxi home.

Right now i just feel totally used and abused.

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