Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Someone is staying : update

What a lot of nonsense all that was.I thought it was all a bit unlikely and just someone who was over reacting.The person staying is a perpetual Ketamine user at weekends.Time and time and bloody time again have we all put pressure on this person to stop their stupid drug taking but just like all drug users the words go through one ear and straight out of the other.This person has been politely asked to not take Ketamine on certain social events as its inappropriate.Like a friends 40th last new years eve party.It was a fairly civilised event and not all of us liked someone acting like they are a special needs case staggering around mumbling incoherently.6 partygoers actually left because of this idiot .It just doesnt give a good impression.

Also he thinks that door staff at clubs persecute him as they wont let him in the club.It might have something to do with drugs .I dont want to judge someone but its quite likely to be the case.

So not only does he take it himself but also inflicts it on others who perhaps dont know any better or are easily led.He has a platonic friendship with someone elses girlfriend and she takes it and gets into an awful mess.So her boyfriend is rather unhappy about this and rightly so.

The boyfriend hasnt made threats at all but just said "May the wheels of Karma catch up with you".

I am not sure i believe in Karma as some people who shall remain nameless seem to be resistant to it as they never seem to get any backlash at all.There must be a way or means to get protection from Karmic backlash that i dont know about.I am 50 / 50 on wether Karma exists or not.It sounds like hippy nonsense or a religous controlling mechanism to deny free will.I dont know really .

Alistair Crowley said "Do what thou wilt will be the whole of the law".Not sure i go along with that either.

I think i am somewhere in the middle like i say.

One thing i do notice is that Politicians seem to go through a rapid ageing process once elected especially PMs.Perhaps its because they are corrupted and it ages them as a side effect.Serves them right.It gets them closer to the grave more quickly.It must be the stress caused by so much lying and cheating i guess.So perhaps thats Karma of a sort.

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