Friday, 21 December 2007

Psychic TV :

I just listened to Godstar by Psychic TV for the 5th time in a row.I havent heard it for years but i used to play it incessantly. Just found NoGDM by Gina X and listening to that now as i used to like that as well.

Godstar was written about Brian Jones and was based around the opening guitar riff to Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones.

Back to Psychic TV.They used to be based in Brighton as was the temple ov Psykick Youth.I never got the hang of what they were actually about and their teachings but it was occult based and loosely based on Alistair Crowleys ideas.All about experimenting without any fixed ideaology to find the essence of your true will.Quite interesting some of it but i didnt want anything to do with them as i heard very negative things about them and did meet Genesis.P.Orridge a couple of times.They were a bit of a dodgy lot to be honest and got up to all sorts of peculiar things and had one room in the house dedicated to the exploring of ones own sexual fantasies etc.The room was painted black of course.

They said once that when they recorded in a studio that had enough tracks that they would leave the 23rd track open and just keep whatever was recorded on that track while maintaining silence in the studio.They said while recording Godstar that strange sounds and knocking noises were picked up and recorded by the Microphones on the 23rd track.Spooky.

Stay away from anyone who dabbles in thee occult as they know not what they do.Its always the dodgy types who practice it everytime.Apparently its rife in the establishment at all levels plus all these people you get like Kevin Carlyon etc.I just think its dodgy business unless its whiter than white and done for the good of course.

I have read some pretty awful stuff about Presidents and Politicians and some of it is fact like The Skull and Bones society yet some of the other stuff like Paedophillia ,satanic abuse and sacrifice , possession ,drinking blood is very very far fetched but not impossible to rule out.I dont know as i havent seen any evidence to support it so i can neither say its true or not true.

The one thing i do know is that there is something not quite right about these people.Its all in the eyes of these people.The eyes are the window to the soul etc etc.I can see ti in their eyes.There is a coldness there that is unnatural and alien.Thats all i can say but i know what i see and i am not imagining it.I remember when i was a little kid and i would see these people on the news etc and i could see there was just*something* about them that wasnt right and i didnt like it.

Who knows ? They are just a bunch of weird dysfunctional people if you ask me.All Tyrants are mentally ill dysfunctional socio/psychopaths .

Then there was the matter of a court case involving Genesis.P.Orridge who had glassed someone in the face.very nasty.

I remember he laughrd as he left the courtroom as he wasnt prosecuted.I wasnt there but thats what i was told.

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