Monday, 3 December 2007

George W Bush Rant a swearathon:

Can anyone spot the Nazi in the above picture ? If not then its in the far left hand side of the pic.

Our Glorious leader SIEG HEIL! proclaims the billboard propaganda. Firstly i am not a resident of the U>S but i have spent time in your wonderful country and even lived there for a short while in the 70s.I have fond memories of the wonderful colours of the leaves in autumn ,of my dad driving across the Rockies in a yellow Dodge Charger [375bhp v8 engine ,160 mph ,10mpg !!! a monster of a car] that my dad hired after my relentless "please Dad " like the spoilt little upstart that i was then and lots of other things.

So from then to the here and now.

Just how Did all this come about? Just how did the land of the free turn into a Fascist state ruled by a cabal of power hungry ,lying,manipulating,cheating,immoral,murdering,polluting,anti life ,greedy complete and utter Scumbags ??

How ? Its because of all the above reasons ,not to mention the rigged elections ,rigged so that if you were a black voter your voting papers were binned,if you werent squeaky clean and were late paying a parking ticket you were also binned ,and not forgetting your new best friend computerised voting .Yes !! computerised voting.It means you can "lose" votes and no one will ever know !! Amazing really.No evidence to come back and haunt you once you have hijacked the White house.Not forgetting the stupidity of the electorate who at last are waking up to reality !.They are a * bit * slow but they get there in the end !

Mrs or Ms [I dont know which ] Condaleeza [coconut [black on the outside - White on the inside ] Rice . I dont think that your ancestors or other black people are that impressed with you to be honest. Traitor.

Richard "Big Dick -SSShhh My daughter is a Lesbian Permanent Sneer - [i do the same every time i see you by the way] " Cheney. Big Dick ? Use your imagination.I hear you have been not well lately and in hospital .I hope you dont get well soon.Waste of taxpayers money.Your medical care i mean.Death comes to us all in the end and theres no getting away from it.

Donald [ I was CEO of a certain chemical Co that bribed the American food and drink administration to allow Aspartame into the food chain even though it was a known Carcinogen or whatever.]Rumsfeld.I will spare the rest for now but lets just say you are one sick depraved immoral individual.I know you resigned as Sec of Defence but i know you are still just as much involved as you were before unless you just decided to wash your hands and walk away from the debacle /nucleur wasteland that is Iraq.But hey its not all bad news though is it seeing as you are profiting from the war anyway.There is always money to be made in war and you and your friends should know this because you all have ties to Halliburton who supply the military.[ Very quietly for now i wont say anything at all about all of the concentration / Detainment camps that are built by Halliburton for future Terrorist suspects....Hang on did i just say Terrorist suspects ? Damn i meant to say Political dissidents/U>S citzens how stupid i nearly fell for the Terrorist spin but under the all the legislation that you have pushed through that collection of spineless individuals in congress i am potentially a "Terrorist" by posting this.Fuck it though i dont care.I am not and never will be scared to speak out and i am not intimidated by bullies either so once again Fuck you all.

Now back to monkeyBrain. "Your leader" proclaims the self aggrendising billboard propaganda.Is he having a laugh or what? I wouldnt ask that fucking chimp to make me a cup of coffee.If you get stuck though you can always ask your Dad how to do it since you are permanently hooked up to him anyway.He is a clever guy your Dad and if it wasnt for the third term rules you wouldnt be in the White House anyway.Dont you get tired of that senile decrepit old scumbag in your ear all the time ? You are probably so stupid you dont care anyway.How about this then : All that money and power and the unholy alliance that is George Bush SNR and what to all intents and purposes looks like his mother produced a sub human reject of dubious intellectual capacity and moral bankruptcy or is it just because you are just stupid ? you certainly *look* stupid ,you act stupid ,and you talk stupid.You like your coke and you really like a drink as you are an alcoholic at times.Keep drinking and ruining your health .It just speeds up your decline that little bit more quickly which is good news to me.Ask your Dad about how his father Prescott Bush funded the Nazi party .He will tell you all about it when tucks you into bed and tells you a little story to send you off to sleep.

Your Dad has a Wonky eye that adds to his unhealthy appearence.

"Read Mah Lyups ! No neeooo Taxes ! " Said your Dad. Fucking liar. All you have to do is reverse what he says.Politicians always do it.You are all the same.

One last thing What was Henry Kissinger doing in the White house recently? He seems to have taken up residence there.

Perhaps he is checking up on "The dumb idiots and political pawns in the military " as he calls them.

Before that though how about Senate Bill 1959 Violent Radicalisation and homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act which was passed on an unbelievable 405 for and 6 against vote in Congress .

Unbelievable.Extraordinary.Lost for words.

Is there something in the water there? Are they all drugged or mind controlled ,Have you bribed them all ? Are they all weak people that are scared ? Or are they stupid ?

Who knows,whatever this legislation effectivly *KILLS* free speech and makes it illegal under the Senate Bills extremely vague and not at all potentially open to abuse parameters and definitions of what defines a Terrorist or a threat to National Security.

People can be made to disappear if you know what i mean or end up in one of your "camps" with no contact with the outside world and no outside world contact with them under the terms of the "law" .405 for and 6 against ? Some people sure dont know whats good for them.They will be sorry later though.

Now over to Blackwater security.You know all about them dont you?.I know quite a lot too.There is never a shortage of Thugs who will do all your dirty work for you if you pay them a reasonable amount.A lot of people get off on that sort of thing too who may or may not be fit to serve in the Military or who have even left it or been kicked out of it.The wonderful thing about blackwater is that they are not accountable in the way that the Armed Forces are.They can do what they like more or less or at least do it when there is no one looking because if they get caught it gets awfully messy and it raises the profile of Blackwater into the public eye just where you dont want them to be.

I do believe that these are the lovely people who will be policing your own people once you have imposed an irreversible state of martial law.Your conventional military is overstretched and demoralised.

The wonderful thing for you George is that once you have imposed Martial Law and siezed everyones assets and property which you will do then you will have a perfect situation for recruiting people to join your paramilitary as they will all be looking for work and have families to feed for example.All you have to do is teach them to point a gun in the direction of the person they are oppressing and they will do what they are told .

Its alright being in the Armed Forces as it is a Noble cause and a profession or at least it was until you used and abused them.If you are however a gun for hire then you are just doing it for the money and as you live by the sword so shall you die by it as well.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>INTERVAL TIME<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To sum up for anyone who is shall we say a bit slow or blind to the evidence that is apparent everywhere if you are paying attention then my sitting here typing and saying exactly what the fuck i want at home on this Blog makes me a terrorist suspect.

Get that everyone? For all you doubters and cynics out there who think you know it all then time will prove me right or wrong about this but there is no getting away form the facts wether you like it or not.

Its like Germany in the 1930s all over again and i absolutly shit you not about this.

Even though i am not a U.S citzen dont think for a second it makes any difference at all because it doesnt.They have that problem sorted dont you worry.Potentially i could be extradited for writing this.Thats how scary it is.

Dont worry though they cant even take over a third rate tinpot dictatorship like Iraq even though they were already weakened by years of sanctions so how do they think they can take over anywhere else?

Thats just looking on the bright side and trying to see a positive side to this Godawful mess if there is one.

No wonder the history of Nazis and WW2 is being taken out of School curriculums.They dont want the kids to know about it.Historical Revisionists for political purposes of course.

Its interesting to note that there is a Holocaust Museum in Washington DC but in that museum there is virtually no mention of all the unfortunates who died in the Holocaust that werent Jews. Like Political dissidents for example or the disabled ,or Gypsies, or young people who were non conformist,or just about anyone who didnt fit or refused to fit into the Nazi ideology.

How you Yes ! you at home can also sit back and relax and make money out of Iraq.Simply buy loads and loads of Iraqi Currency [just ask to see proof of authenticity before buying although its unlikely to be fake as who is going to fake a currency thats worth virtually nothing?]in high denominational notes for virtually nothing and be prepared to sit on them as long as you have to and then when Iraq has stabilised politically then it will stabilise economically when the oil starts flowing.Then all your Iraqi dinars will be worth an awful lot more than you paid for them.

George W Bush isnt exactly subtle and he nearly commited a bit of a Faux Pas by doing a partial Nazi salute in public as if it was a Nuremberg Rally .Its a wonder his "adoring" public didnt do the same back.Perhaps they did.I dont know i wasnt looking and i wasnt there.

Oh Dear ! i have used the word 'Terrorist" 7 times in this post.That might show up when the authorities scan the internet for keywords in their never ending searches for information.Well if you are reading then why dont you give me a slap on the wrist for swearing while you are at it?

Fuck Them All.

Free Speech Will Prevail.

End of transmission.

Signing out.

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