Thursday, 29 November 2007

More Furry art:

More furry art .I drew this guy in 2 hours this evening just for myself.I did this one for obvious reasons but partly i hadnt put pencil to paper all day and to a certain degree i am locked into drawing these characters partly because i find them easy to draw , i can relate to them and also i seem to have terrible problems drawing your average human as i cannot draw faces for some reason.Every time i try it goes wrong like my Slaine Drawings that are totally useless and have been binned.I think i need to try for about a week and do nothing else.Then there is the womenfolk to consider as well as i have had enough of the male physique but you have to learn one thing at a time and i am getting the hang of drawing a figure that i can see in my mind and onto paper.Also Hands i am getting the hang of as well so its all a slow learning curve.Also i have been drawing within the confines of small boxes comic style as a discipline in working and fitting things into a confined space where you have to imagine a scene within a small box and then draw it.

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