Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Ridge Farm Studios:

Ridge Farm *Was* a famous recording studio in surrey.Lots of famous albums were recorded there like Meat is Murder- the Smiths , and Oasis and i cant think of any more but lots of well known musicians have recorded there.A friends brother Billy who i dont like because of his superior attitude which is annoying set it up with some others.

I was working on an emergency building job in London just off Marylebone high Street for a friend of a friend who was the unfortunate victim of Cowboys from the yellow pages.It was an utter disaster in every way possible.So alice the flat owner called us in to sort it out.We had to make alterations to the flat roof which was a pile of rubbish.billy was called in to repair it and stop the leaks with some help from Jock who was there to paint.The roof continued to leak so billy blamed it on Jock to try and get away with it even though Jock was just assisting.What a complete tosser.Thats the sort of person he was.

Thats one of the best jobs i have had because there were 7 of us all staying there as well as working there and in the evenings we would all just sit round and eat and drink and play music and get stoned.alices sister Isabella was doing a Pru Leith cookery course at the time so she would cook for us all every night as work experience and her cooking was bloody excellent as well.wonderful.

Anyway ridge Farm isnt a recording studio anymore and has turned into a wedding/Banqueting kind of place and it looks a bit naff inside to be honest.Cheap mock antique furniture and cheap looking imitation arabic rugs.Rubbish .It looks like one of those naff resteraunts that you get in a tudor building for example.Horrible.

If they can afford a place like that then they could at least furnish it properly with antiques.I dont know.

Anyway its the end of an era.I went to a couple of New Years Eve parties there a long time ago.

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