Saturday, 29 December 2007


For various reasons last night i lost it for a short while and took out my frustration on one of the doors in the house.I punched the door 3 times.The doors are modern fire doors and they are virtually indestructable.

However i hit that door with such force that the door lining has actually moved away from the wall on the side where the door is hinged.Makes me wonder just how many pounds per sq inch and how much force was behind it when i hit it.Probably a hell of a lot.

Its a bit of martial arts training that did that where you channel all your energy and focus behind it into one punch so you can almost go through anything.Almost.If that door had been a person at that point they would be lying on the floor unconscious thats for sure.

Now it has to be fixed at some point soon.

That worked a treat.I tightened up the screws on the hinges and kicked the edge of the door to push the door lining back into position.Its as good as new now.This house is cowboyed and i bet the door linings are nailed instead of being screwed.

There arent many things that arent PW proof that i have come across.I can break virtually anything it seems.I broke a cooks chopping knife on Xmas Eve.The blade just snapped in half just because i stuck it point down into the wooden chopping .It snapped clean in half widthways.

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