Tuesday, 4 December 2007

You are not going out like that !

Lost the pictures unfortunately which is a real shame.I was put up to it by someone and also myself to go into town wearing the most ridiculous clothes possible and see what happens. I had a leather jacket that was far too small ,some very wide flares that were far too short in the leg ,and a pair of those Moonboots that you used to get in the 80s with the very thick soles.

I looked a complete idiot basically but that was the point of it.I used to go to jumbles sales with my mum and buy all sorts of rubbish and clothes etc.It was the in thing to do then as a lot of others used to do the same as that was what everyone did in the 80s.

Believe it or not i actually did stop traffic with that look in a "what the fuck is that?" kind of way and even got shouted at in the street because i looked so stupid and ridiculous.It certainly worked as 2 or 3 cars actually pulled over by the side of the road to look as they couldnt believe it.I just wish i hadnt lost the pictures.

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