Monday, 3 December 2007

Site of Ministry of Defence building:

Yet another development and the site of what was the Ministry of Defence building [War Records]. It was a large red brick building like a hospital or some sort of institution with a separate incinerator that had a very tall red brick chimney that was a local landmark.

for years i heard stories about it that it was haunted from people that had worked there that had become a sort of urban myth.I cant say if they were true though but sometimes i would wander into the grounds sometimes at night but always always felt uneasy and once scared out of my wits so much so that i ran.

Over on the others side somewhere i was walking through the woods and saw what i thought were loads and loads of silver milk bottle tops lying in the soil and leaves.Upon closer inspection they turned out to be military Dog Tags with names and numbers of military personel and all on green cord.Some were stamped and some were engraved.I cant remember any of the ranks but they were English and possibly WW2 perhaps.There were loads of them so i took them all home.

Why were they all buried in the woods ? Very odd.Its a bit odd if you think that that person could have died in the war.A bit of an odd place that was.

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