Saturday, 29 December 2007

Italian Mafia ?

There was some girl that i knew a long time ago .We went out for a meal in an Italian in Brighton.when i got there there was a whole tablefull of these Italians who looked a bit like Mobsters.I didnt know who they were but i was introduced and they were very generous and paid for everything and we all enjoyed ourselves.Throughout the evening one of them who seemed to be the oldest and had the deep pockets kept pulling a face that was like someone who is Downs syndrome over and again.Its a bit naughty but i had a bit to drink and laughed my tits off as they were and it was hard not to as laughter is infectious/.I dont know why they were doing it or what the context of it was but i should have asked.

Once i went into some tea rooms in Winchelsea near Hastings.It was very typical and quiet and very English.There was a waiter waiting on tables with tea etc.someone at the next table i heard say "Here comes trouble" when he saw the waiter.

I have never laughed so obviously in such an inappropriate moment ever in my life.I just couldnt hold it in and had to make a rush to the door as fast as i could just to laugh.

Now i know that may sound a bit nasty but no harm was meant at all but it was just the situation and the others i was with who didnt exactly help by looking in a certain way and anyway i am not perfect.

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