Friday, 7 December 2007

Highgate cemetery :

There used to be a way to get in here through the fence.What an incredible place this is.Its like a city of the dead and once in there its hard to imagine you are in a city.As you can see nature has taken over and in a way it sums up how i feel about life and death and the never ending cycle of life.I find these places to be romantic in a funny sort of way.Its partly the victorians romantic idea of death and also the way that everything is overgrown.Parts of this place are impenetrable unless you have a machete to hack through it.

The weird thing is i used to dream about this place.I was always on the other side of the fence but in the dream i was aware of an evil presence that was inside the building or church that you see.A bit peculiar really.

It attracts a lot of weird people does Highgate cemetery.Myself included of course.Satanists,vampires,witches,allsorts.I saw fresh black candle wax that was dripped everywhere about half an hour before.Open tombs like Mausoleums with stacks of black wooden victorian coffins on shelves sometimes with decaying pictures of the deceased and various paraphenalia lying around.

In one of these one of the skeletons was sat upright in the coffin.Quite a sight in the early hours of the morning i can tell you.

Some of the ground underfoot is treacherous so its not a good idea to wander off at night as the ground can literally disappear under your feet.I did quite a few night infiltrations into here and then exfiltrated.Its also a good during the day but you have to look out for the guided tours and also the obnoxious old woman who is always there.Also dont go in at night on your own as its not a good idea unless you are sure of yourself.I climbed over the main gates once so its fairly easy to get in even that way.

The problem here is this cemetery is falling into disrepair as those who managed it had the idea that planting trees was a good much as i like trees this was a bad idea.Ivy was allowed to grow out of control as they thought it would "preserve " the monuments but Ivy is very destructive and it is destroying monuments although in theory they could be rebuilt.So now it is managed if doing the bare minimum can be described as management.

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