Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Rubbish tip:

This is the place.I am with the help of another trying to negotiate [or will be in the new year] with the council to do an organised dig on this site.This is where you see the mass of green bins all stacked together.We want to do a series of exploratory holes to get an idea of what is underneath the ground.This entire site is now registered as an archeological site.If it is what i think it is then it may date back to the early 19th century.If this is the case then i may have just as well struck gold .

There are a couple of individuals in the council who are sympathetic to the idea.So we will work on them and see what happens.

If this happens then a series of digs will take place and i wont be able to work as it will take up all my time so i will have to get some money from somewhere as it could take months .Fuck work though this is a once in a lifetime opportunity but the value of the items recovered will far exceed what i can earn in that space of time at the moment.I am not doing it for the money i have to add but no one is going to know if i take a few items home especially if they are multiples.Also security will be needed as people will try to break in as this place is famous now and has had a lot of coverage in the last few months in certain publications and throughout the digging fraternity.Like Bees around the honeypot they are but i have no problem at all inviting 1 or 2 others that i know to join in but strictly no one else.

So we will see.

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